Sixteen Reasons to be Grateful for Your Personality Type

Sixteen reasons to be grateful for your personality type; look closely at personality traits; the unique gifts you bring to the world. And please know this is not about career typing. It’s more about understanding the soul’s role in personality to become your TrueSelf your authentic self.

Many of us have unrealized aspects of our TrueSelf and try to hide behind our False Selves. I discovered going through my 7-year life tsunami that I was hiding authentic pieces of who I was to fit in, to meet other people’s expectations of who I’m supposed to be. I realized I was disrespecting myself instead of being grateful for the unique person I am. I hid away on a shelf to please another, make my family happy, or fit a career role that I desperately thought was me. We are all so much more than our career selves.

And for most of us, what we are trying to hide is our genius, our authentic self, the gifts we bring to the world like no other. These gifts are our personal truths, our souls trying to express through our personality types. Let’s all promise one another no more hiding from our TrueSelf, who we are truly meant to be.

It’s time to fall in love and be grateful for our personality types!

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Why You Should Be Grateful for Your Personality Type

The most terrifying thing is to accept oneself completely.

Carl Jung, a Swiss Psychologist and pioneer in personality typing

Here’s what I know and what I learned going through my own 7-year life awakening. First, I believe your personality type is a magical gift presented to you at birth. Your unique personality type supports your soul’s evolution – mission. I believe we are spiritual beings having a human experience.

Here’s how I believe this works: the Divine mind feeds the spirit mind, which feeds the rational mind.

Our human aspects are logical and reasoned, driven by external, physical cues. In contrast, our being is soul-centered, an ethereal light-filled being that lives on forever. So as I see it, when the human aspect of self, your personality type, is aligned with your being, the ethereal light-filled being of who you are, you walk through filled with peace, joy, harmony, compassion, and passion. You’ve reached your glorious core, your TrueSelf, the epicenter of who you really are. A powerful, creative being.

Sixteen Reasons to be Grateful for Your Personality Type: Know You Are More Than Just Four Letters

Specific personality traits and life experiences shape your outlook on the world. But this is where many of us get tripped up with personality typing. We get stuck on the four letters and think that’s all there is. This is so far from the truth (eye roll), and it makes me wanna cringe.

Preferences shape your travel personality type, but it’s also shaped through physical world experiences, relationships, family dynamics, country culture, and social media and online influences in today’s modern world. Our belief systems are formed in these external experiences, whereas we are born with our personality traits.

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Looking at The Sixteen Reasons to be Grateful for Your Personality Type for Introverts and Extroverts

We cannot change anything unless we accept it.

Carl Jung, a Swiss Psychologist and pioneer in personality typing

I’ve been on a path of awakening for years, experiencing relentless challenges that ushered in a spiritual awakening unspooling inherited beliefs while awakening to others. I’ve also discovered the Divine was channeling to me oh so many moons ago; how a harmonious relationship exists between your personality type and your soul self. If you don’t know your personality type, your spiritual life will be superficial at best. You’ll be going through the motions, unfulfilled, and you’ll feel like something is missing in your life. This typically begins around 38 into our 60s; it’s a life-awakening syndrome. I hate the term mid-life crisis; it’s so unempowering!

Each personality type has a beautiful gift to share with the world, shaped by their unique personalities and life experiences. Let’s examine each type and its potential. It is my intention to redefine personality typing beyond the corner office and cubicle, identifying each type with a spiritual understanding. The personality designations reflect the attributes of each type:


“I have to be alone very often. I’d be quite happy if I spent from Saturday night until Monday morning alone in my apartment. That’s how I refuel.” Audrey Hepburn, Actor.

IS Types

1. ISTJ – Grounded types are the backbone of society, reliable and honest, ready to uphold standards and keep traditions alive. They are loyal and can always be counted on,

2. ISFJ – Kindly types are quiet, humble, patient, intentionally kind, and cooperative. They have keen insights and know when something is right or wrong; listen to them,

3. ISTP – Active types are realistic, factual, aloof, and freedom-seeking and aren’t afraid of a challenge. Look to them to come up with a practical solution. When things in life become challenging,

4. ISFP – Abstract types are unassuming, dreamy, sincere, and graceful. They are likely to have a hard time with self-expression, yet if you observe them, you’ll see many beautiful things through their eyes.

IN Types

5. INFJ – Insightful types gracious, thoughtful, empathetic, and take time to really understand others. Listen to them when they have a premonition or feel like something is off. They are usually correct,

6. INTJ – Resolved types are independent, iconoclastic, and intent on changing the world. They have fabulous photographic minds and can dispel information like a Pez dispenser,

7. INTP – Impartial types are logical, unconventional, uber-smart, and scrutinizing. They love intellectually stimulating conversations and tend to be minimalistic versus consumeristic,

8. INFP – Seeking types are soulful, eccentric, imaginative dreamers, optimistic, and fantastic listeners who tend not to judge others. They are explorers of life and self, always wanting to learn.


“I will always speak my mind.” Jennifer Aniston, US actor and director

ES Types

9. ESTP – Spirited types are straight-shooters, fast-talkers, engaging, proactive, and practical, and they don’t mind taking charge. They have a getter’ done attitude so put them in charge if you want something done,

10. ESFP – Playful types are friendly and love people. They’re spontaneous and tend to find the best in others. They will also travel with Fideo, won’t sit still, and prefer a variety of adventures,

11. ESTJ – Dutiful types are organized, logical, direct, and realistic and have zero patience for sob stories. They’ll have a vacation plan and will ensure everything runs smoothly and efficiently,

12. ESFJ- Attentive types love people. They’re warm and well-like, respectful and caring of others. They hold these virtues dearly in everyday life and are very inclusive of others.

EN Types

13. ENFP – Enthusiast types are performers, enthusiastic, excitable, and adaptable. They tend to be passionate about causes, which makes them likely to spear a cause, volunteer, or give back in some way,

14. ENTP – Inquisitive types are adaptable, lively, charming, and cheeky. They desire intellectual exchanges and will seek a good debate no matter who they encounter. This is how they learn and discover new possibilities,

15. ENFJ – Harmonious types are expressive, supportive, caring, and inspiring. They get where others are coming from no matter who the person is and enjoy planning and envisioning happy times before the plan even unfolds,

16. ENTJ – Assured types are objective, methodical, decisive, and goal-oriented. They are problem seekers because they relish finding solutions. Hand over a life hiccup and watch them quickly solve it, saving time and lessening stress.

Recap: Sixteen Reasons to be Grateful for Your Personality Type

– Your personality type is more than an exercise in defining your corporate career path

– You are a spiritual being (a light-filled, ethereal soul that lives on forever) having a human (the rational, logical side of you that expresses on the physical plane.) experience,

– You are so much more than your four-letter type,

– A preview of the 16 soul-centered personality types and your reasons to be grateful

I Hope You Enjoyed Sixteen Reasons to be Grateful for Your Personality Type

I hope “Sixteen Reasons to be Grateful for Your Personality Typ was helpful. I’m passionate about introducing the idea of soul work as a component of personality typing. There is a real need to integrate soul work with personality typing. The 1950s model is fantastic, but as we awaken to our spiritual needs, we must incorporate the gifts of a healthy personality type to align with our soul’s intention. When we do this, we express our soul’s intentions through our personality. We show up in the world; joyful, passionate, and on purpose. The life we’ve always desired unfolds. You realize the purpose you long for, and often meaningful next-level career opportunities magically appear.

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