Seven Ways to Live an Authentic Life

Seven ways to live an authentic life are mindfulness tools to help me stay connected to my soul’s intentions. Remember, intentions come from your spiritual senses, the 6th sense, beyond your physical five purposes. The key is to have a healthy personality type, to allow inspired intentions to shine through.

For several decades I worked in travel public relations. I loved it because it was fast-paced, creative, and, well, travel—three of my favorite things. But as time wore on, I felt something was missing. My intuitive self would often surface in meetings as my creativity frequently requested in branding and brainstorming meetings. My creative juices were flowing.

This aspect of my personality is my Essential Self, or as traditionists call it, my dominant trait. The Essential Self, aka my intuitive self, is how I express myself in the world, unconventionally and creatively.

As time passed and the eye-rolls and negative comments began to take their toll. The corporate set thought I had a screw loose. I was successful. But at the same time, I was exhausted, unhappy, and unfulfilled.

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When each of us is willing to truly be ourselves, tell the truth, and live with a deeper level of authenticity, we will not only create a greater sense of personal freedom in our lives, we will be doing our part to create a new culture in which we all can live with more freedom, peace, and fun.

Mike Robbins, American Author

Bypassing Authenticity to Save Face

The funny thing is I taught clients to use conscious communication in all messaging. I was firm on this: no puffery, spin-doctoring, or exaggerations. It was the truth or nothing at all. I wanted my clients to be authentic, yet I somehow thought I didn’t have to be.

WOW – I was a hypocrite. UGH!

Have you ever been in a meeting and thought, “What am I doing here? Their values and mine are miles apart. I don’t fit in.” I’ve had these thoughts, have you? To be truthful, in those moments, I was inauthentic. I didn’t feel right. But I kept on because I thought it was what I was supposed to do to pay the bills ⏤ until my seven-year tsunami hit.

Ahh, the beginnings of my journey to authentic living.

You don’t arrive at an authentic life. I believe it to be a moment-by-moment unfoldment.

Nina Zapala, Founder of the Spiritual Personality Typing for Self Discover

What Does it Mean to Live an Authentic Life?

What does it mean to live an authentic life? I’m sure I’d get twenty different answers if I asked twenty people. We all have different personality types. Our life stories, childhood, relationship experiences, and country culture influence our personalities. All of which will have us arriving at different definitions.

Here’s Mike Robbins definition. Robbins is a corporate trainer and the author of Be Yourself; Everyone Else Is Already Taken. He says, “authenticity is about being genuine and real. It is important because it liberates us from the pressures of always trying to be something else, always trying to be perfect.”

How Can You Live an Authentic Life?

Authentic living is a big question to ask yourself. I believe everyone will pave an original path on the journey to an authentic life. You don’t arrive at an authentic life. I think it’s a moment-by-moment unfoldment. We are constantly evolving and changing, becoming more self-aware, opening the door to our authentic selves – a new way of being in the world.

As I see it, the REAL YOU in your original glory, living a life Divine Intelligence intended you to live. Bold. Unwavering. Confident. Kind. Open. Curious. Confident. One thousand percent YOU, no matter the situation, regardless of what society or your family, friends, or peers think.

Seven Ways to Live an Authentic Life

Brene Brown uses the acronym B-I-G to explain why boundaries are important: we must set boundaries to maintain our integrity and still make the most generous assumptions about others. In this way, we express our authentic selves by sticking to our principles while also being as compassionate as possible.

Brené Brown American Author
  1. Question everything – Values and beliefs which lead to habits and thoughts that may need updated, and make sure they’re your own, and not your families, friends, or societies,

2. Notice patterns that cause stress, frustration, and anger. These patterns let you know you’re not in sync with your authentic self. Commit. This isn’t a “30 days to a new you. It’s a life-long commitment. It’s why you’re here, to share your REAL self, as only you can, with the world,

3. Set daily intentions – To live an authentic life, you need to practice authenticity daily using meditation, affirmations, and journaling; an intention example, “I desire a simple life full of (insert your words here) ____________ this makes me happy!

4. Feel into inauthentic and authentic ways of being – you’ll begin to learn as one feels flowy and easy, genuine, while the other feels off, forced, and pushy.

5. Don’t say yes when you mean no –this is the simplest way to set healthy boundaries and keep them,

6. Being in the moment – is critical to being authentic. Here again, you’ll know because if you’re in ego, you’re likely to be a pleaser, highly competitive, and talk over people – ignoring your REAL self – walking in fear.

7. Become deeply intimate with your personality type, especially your dominant trait, your North Star. It’s essential to living an authentic life; it’s the reason for Spirtial Personality Typing©️.

Recap of Seven Ways to Live an Authentic Life

The Essential Self is what traditional typologists call your dominant trait, the trait you use the most. Look upon this trait as the core of who you are. It’s where your genius lives,

– Have you ever been in a meeting wondering what the heck you’re doing there, having feelings that you don’t belong, fit it, or your values and theirs are very, far apart,

– Di you have an inkling you’ve become inauthentic? Yet to save face, be liked, or keep your job, you believe it to be ok, yet it becomes an underlying sense of anxiety,

– What is authenticity, “Authenticity is about being genuine and real. It is important because it liberates us from the pressures of always trying to be something else, always trying to be perfect.” Mike Robbins,

You don’t arrive at an authentic life. It is a moment-by-moment unfoldment,

– Seven ways to Live an Authentic Life.

More About the Soul’s Role in Personality Typing

I hope you found Seven Ways to Live an Authentic Life eye-opening. I’m passionate and intentional about introducing the idea of personality tying with a spiritual understanding to help you find yourself.

The career personality typing model of the 1950s is fine. Yet, if we want to know who we are and find ourselves in a crazy world, we must tap into our Divine mind, which brings unlimited potential, happiness, and abundance into our lives.

Our higher self relies on a healthy personality to express our unique sacred stories, prompting us to take inspired action in all we do. Our higher self speaks through our persona – exuding joy, passion, and love.

A Discovery of Personality Typing With a Spiritual Understanding

According to Psychology Today magazine, 93% of people want to change something about themselves. Which begs the question, why change yourself? Or, more importantly, how does changing yourself help you find yourself?

Do you realize you come from the MIND where ideas never end? Is it foolish to think we can create a better version of ourselves? What makes you think you can’t be a star if you come from the stars? Spiritual Personality Typing©️ helps you discover yourself and realize your spark of Divinity within, which can lead you down an extraordinary, new life path.

Do you agree that critical decision-making skills are necessary in times of confusion, change, and chaos? The choices you make today can alter your tomorrows.

I’m sharing the liberating lessons and soul wisdom I learned during my transitional 7-year life tsunami. – to guide you through your life transitions. 

Are you ready to commit to fully knowing yourself? To live thoughtfully, question everything, and love completely. 

You may not find this journey to be an easy one. Still, you will find it enriching, beyond your imagination, a fascinating discovery of personality typing with a spiritual understanding. 

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It’s Time to Discover; The Soul’s Role in Personality Typing ©️ — Nina Zapala, a Curious Type, ENTP. I’m a certified Myers-Briggs® instructor with an intuitive side ready to introduce you to a new paradigm in personality typing supported by a spiritual understanding.

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