20 of the Best Fall Weekend Getaways for Introverts

Head out of town for a weekend getaway – sans the crowds!
The questions:

20 of the best fall weekend getaways for introverts, just updated. A 2022 Tripadvisor report states this fall, 60% of travelers will take leaf-peeping vacations versus 54% last year. Many places across the US have been highly publicized as the best place to leaf-peep. This news coverage draws large crowds, and the hustle and bustle often cause introverts discomfort.

Introverts Set Travel Intentions for 20 of the Best Fall Weekend Getaways

The top 20 best fall trips suggested below tap into an introvert’s personality ⏤ your travel vibe. And yes, not all introverts are alike. Some introverts express outgoing behaviors and are mistaken for extroverts. Some are cautious and weary of others as they feel nobody ever gets them for who they really are; (their inner selves). Yet many others have a depth and intensity associated with an introvert trait that ranks high on the introvert scale. 

Answer the following questions if you want to travel mindfully. know your personality type because it is your genuine inner travel guide. If you don’t know your personality type, these questions may help you wander happier:

  1. Do you prefer peace and quiet, intimate group travel, and plenty of time for reflection?
  2.  Do you spend a lot of time reflecting in solitude and often skipping invitations to hang out with a few friends?
  3.  Do you think before you speak?
  4.  Are you often told you’re a great listener?
  5.  Do you crave alone time, dining alone, solo travel, and long hikes in the woods?

If you answer yes to three or more of these questions below, continue reading; if not, you may want to review Fall Foliage Trips for Extrovert.

Pleaseee…All Introverts Are Not Alike

You know I’m an advocate in the first to stop stereotyping personality types, so here again, I’m stressing; all introverts are not alike! Some introverts express outgoing behaviors and are mistaken for extroverts. Some are cautious and weary of others as they feel nobody ever gets them for who they really are; (their inner selves). Yet many others have a depth and intensity associated with an introvert trait that ranks high on the introvert trail.

Set Travel Intentions for Blissful Wanderings

The top 10 best fall trips suggested below tap into an introvert’s personality ⏤ your travel vibe. But before you start to plan, set an intention as your travel intention should reflect your specific introvert characters, as they will guide you to the ideal getaway. 

Setting an intention example, and of course, make it your own. This is how I do it. Upon arrival, I find a quiet place and set an intention using this simple prayer: Divine, show me, state what you desire, then release it. 

What shows up for you? Are you willing to act upon it, or do you quickly shut it down? Free will is real, and it drives your life. Something to ponder.” 

Upon arrival, find a quiet place and set the intention using this simple prayer: Divine, show me, state your intention, then release it. What shows up for you? Are you willing to act upon it, or do you quickly shut it down? Free will is real, and it drives your life. Something to ponder. – Nina Zapala, Personality Typing with a spiritual understanding.

Best Fall Weekend Getaways for Introverts To Avoid the Crowds

As an introvert, you’re likely to appreciate fewer crowds and more trees. For example, you may find a small group of colorful trees, riveting reds, sunny yellows, and pumpkin oranges, to satisfy your fall foliage cravings. Introverts drink in the world internally, needing less stimulation. An entire mountain chain may become overwhelming and not at all necessary.

The trips listed below are uncommon, making them a fabulous choice for introverts looking for fall getaways that vibe with their personality. Fall is a season to be celebrated; the trees are in full fall bloom, calling you to breathe it all in. Why not book a trip to a national park, plan a staycation, go local, or take a road trip to wide-open spaces for the day? Take time to enjoy meditative walks, hike, and discover the charm that oozes from small towns. And delicious comfort food, homemade soup, chili, or stew, should also be on the travel menu. National Parks can be a wonderful choice for introverts, as their always is a new path to discover.

Introverts Explore a Fall Trip to New England and Beyond

Much of New England is a renowned autumn getaway. It’s the world’s top pick appreciated by extroverts, yet there are plenty of New England Towns fit for an introvert. Tip, if you want to enjoy New England in all of its fall splendor, plan on visiting from mid-to-late September. Otherwise, you’ll miss it.

Introvert Fall Trip Ideas to Avoid New England Crowds

  • Newport, New Hampshire – Introverts can enjoy a few community events; Apple Pie Festival. The area’s population is under 2,000, so I assume the crowds won’t be significant. Plus, the area is charming and chockful of history.
  • Franconia Notch, New Hampshire – Hiking enthusiasts may want to visit the Flume Gorge, a magnificent waterfall known for its astonishing rock formations and brooks the grand walls of natural granite that formed over 200 million years ago are worth the trip. The bright red pedestrian bridge, Flume Covered Notch, cuts a path over the Pemigewasset River, inspiring slow moments. Franconia Notch is a spectacular mountain pass with scenic views of the Kinsman and Franconia mountain ranges. Want an aerial view? Cannon Mountain Aerial Tramway is an option. Pack a journal. You’ll use it!
  • Colrain, Massachusetts – The town is in the northeastern part of the Berkshires and is home to two state forests, Catamount State Forest to the Southwest and half of the H.O. Cook State Forest to the northeast. Hell, the town even promotes a mushroom walk. Very introvert-esque.

Solo Travelers Fall Trip Idea

Canada is a leaf-peeping wonderland, with plenty of incredible places to welcome in the season. One site, in particular, is Mont-Tremblant offering impressive autumn views minus the crowds. Mont Tremblant National Park is located north of the town of Mont Tremblant. If you love hiking and canoeing, this is the place to be, offering six long rivers and 400 lakes and streams. Enjoy the stillness of a lake, the flow of the river, or paddling the day away in total silence.

Hobart Bay, Alaska – Population one, set on a beautiful bay, just 70 miles south of Juneau, an abandoned logging camp is about as crowd-free as you can get. You may want to bring your camping gear and more since there isn’t much around unless you head into Juneau. But think of the quietude.

Fenwick, Connecticut – Katherine Hepburn, a famous actor, used to call this idyllic coastal town with a population hovering around 43 residents. Bundle up, and enjoy the beauty of Connecticut’s coastline. Visit The Katherine Herpern Cultural Arts Center, long strolls on the beach, and a do-nothing state of mind!

Fall Getaways for Couples: East & West Coast Trips

West Coast

  • Sedona, Arizona – Sedona may not deliver the kaleidoscope of colors found on the East Coast, but the buttery yellows against the red rocks of Sedona are stunning. Plus, you can enjoy a scenic drive on Oak Creek Canyon Highway 89. And don’t miss West Fork Trail, which straddles the Oak Creek stream and steep canyon walls. It’s an enchanting place and a great place to pull out your journal to document the magic of nature.
  • Tidewater, Oregon – This is a genuine water town where five streams: Alder Creek, Buck Creek, Cougar Creek, Crab Creek, and Cherry Creek, all converge. Hike Siuslaw National Forest to enjoy coastal forest areas and pristine dunes. A trip to the White Wolf Sanctuary is also worth a stop. Tidewater is an off-the-beaten-path place, ideal for introverted children and parents who want to unwind and savor the autumn season.
  • North Lake Tahoe, California – The area is known as Lake Tahoe’s sleepier side — an introvert’s dream. An aerial adventure course at Granlibakken is the first of its kind in California. So many water adventures try a paddleboard adventure at Kings Beach or snowboard in Squaw Valley. Another excellent way to spend a few days hiking the Pacific Crest Trail is the world’s largest hiking trail. The trail is bound to deliver quiet moments with inspiring views. Thirsty? You may want to sample a beer or two at Alibi Ale Works beer garden, offering a European vibe and flavorful brews.
  • Willow Canyon, Arizona – With a population hovering around 3,500, this is a beautiful place to hike, let go, and enjoy the season of fall. Click here for a few ideas on the best places to hike.

East Coast

  • Delta, AlabamaLocated outside of the bustling southern city of Birmingham. Only an hour away, you’ll find Cheaha State Park. This park provides the highest elevation in the state and panoramic views, bursting with bright reds, pumpkin oranges, and sunburst yellow hues. It offers onsite camping, five restaurants, golf, and fishing. If you’re looking for nighttime fun, shopping, and various eateries, head back to Birmingham.
  • Blairsville, Georgia – Brasstown Bald is the highest peak in the state and one of the most prominent mountains in North Georgia; think of vivid fall landscapes. If you’re an experienced hiker, you may want to hike the Arkaquah Trail to the tippy-top. This hike requires a steep initial incline while traversing ridgelines. The reward: breathtaking views of colorful fall leaves with overlooks of charming farms below.
  • Everglades, Florida – This fall, trade leaf-peeping for bird watching. Late November brings birds from across the country who enjoy the warm weather. A variety of various bird species, mammals, and reptiles roam through the wetlands in fall. It’s also baby alligator season and one of the best times of year to spot native Everglades species. Tip: Visit before the busy season, which starts in December.

Tip. If your partner is an extrovert, they may need more variety. Give it to them, so the trip goes smoothly.

Fall Trip Ideas for Families

Families come in all shapes and sizes. Whether a parent or a child is an introvert, these escapes are introvert-worthy.

The South U.S.

  • Hayden, Alabama – Nothing says fall like a great pumpkin patch in Hayden, Alabama, a Charlie Brown kinda experience. Kids will delight in wagon rides, a pumpkin patch train, bungee jumping, a giant inflatable slide, and more. Even better, it’s free to get in, with inexpensive pay-as-you-go activities.
  • Fellsmere, Florida – This is a sleepy, undeveloped town outside of Vero Beach, Florida. Fellsmere whispers a Florida fall. Be sure to kayak Blue Cypress Lake, home to the largest population of Osprey. Fellsmere Trailhead Preserve is kid-friendly to include a small museum and restrooms. You’ll want to take an airboat tour of the lake, and of course, pack your bathing suit as the beach is only 20 minutes away.
  • Tate, Georgia – This is another tiny city in the south – you have to go, even if it’s just to visit the nearby DIY/garden center “Goats on the Roof.” in Tiger, Georgia. A refreshingly fun and old-school throwback to the 1950s country store of sundries, sips, and treats. Oh, and you’ll want to visit Bell Mountain Park and Historic Site, Hiawassee, Georgia – bring Fideo if you desire.

SouthEast US

  • Daniel Boone National Park, Kentucky – A place where you can spot dark purple leaves and dogwood leaves turning crimson red. It’s a place to view more natural stone arches than any other eastern state in the US. Not to mention wandering the tails where explorer Daniel Boone roamed. With two-million acres, you’ll be able to avoid the crowds!

Midwest US

  • Beaconsfield, Iowa – A quintessential American town unspoiled by developers and tourists mobs, the community building is a historic landmark and the original home of the Hy-Vee grocery store. Be prepared to do nothing!

Two More Places to Visit

Alaska US

  • Denali National Park – Denali transforms from a verdant green landscape into a lush autumn setting as the area welcomes the fall season. Trailing, hiking, and spotting wildlife against the multi-hued vegetation will take your breath away. You must rent a car this time of year.
  • Reindeer Farms – A wonder to behold. Guests can enjoy 150 reindeer, 30 Rocky Mountain Elk, 20 horses, a bison, and other animals as they traverse the farm, which is dotted with bright orange pumpkins. Check for pricing.

20 of the Best Fall Weekend Getaways for Introverts

I hope you found 20 of the Best Fall Weekend Getaways for Introverts useful. It’s always my intention to create itineraries to meet and exceed your travel personality. Let me know if you happen to visit any of the places mentioned. And, of course, I would love to learn if you used any of these fall foliage vacation ideas.

PS The Farmers Almanac is a great resource to map a fall getaway

I also believe fall is an excellent time for renewal and letting go. If you have an interest in learning more, click here; Fall A Beautiful Season for Renewal.

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