New Year’s Resolutions Sparked By Personality Typing

New Year’s resolutions sparked by personality typing are all about joyful soul-utions. I intend to change the way we look at resolutions. Wouldn’t it be more fun and probably more beneficial to nurture and embrace our strengths in gentle and loving ways? Why not design New Year’s resolutions that make your soul sing and bring more joy to your life? Verses old-school linear thinking, pushing, rigid goals, and a do-it-now-or-fail attitude.

We Aren’t Linear Beings: Why Make Linear New Year’s Resolutions that Often Fail?

I say this because many of us view New Year’s resolutions as linear. We must get from point A to B, no matter what! I don’t know about you, but my life doesn’t work in a straight line. Most of us strive, force, or try to change ourselves. We ignore the side roads we need to take to restore, heal, and get to know ourselves better. This unconscious behavior further separates us from our true selves. Instead of facing ourselves and embracing the zig-zags in life, we remain on a linear path, which often leads to anxiety, conformity, and mediocrity.

Who wants this?

No one!

But why do we persist and not resist or question it?

Because many of our actions are driven by outside influences, the illusions of society, culture, the media, and social media, plus the same sterile aesthetics, are prevalent across industries. The vanilia-ification of the world and its people. UGH!

So, is it any wonder we jump on a New Year’s resolution bandwagon arriving 30 days later to find what we hoped to achieve has become a big fat failure? It’s been reported that only 8% of Americans manage to keep a New Year’s resolution, according to Statista.

Failure, what a great way to start the year. Yes, sarcasm. Please realize external programming never truly delivers our greatest desires. Ever!

New Year’s Resolutions: 3 Spiritual Reset Tips for All MBTI’s Types

– Instead of counting sheep, count your blessings; gratitude brings miracles!

– Use weekends as a nurturing reset, a 2-day fast, a weekend of vegan menus, a social media break, walking meditations…

– Make a list of what you love and don’t. As you read through the list, ask yourself why one thing inspires and another repels you. Do you see patterns? Can you see patterns as puzzle pieces and start to create a cohesive picture of your genuine self?

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Resolutions That Embrace Your Superpowers

Are you ready for a new perspective? Let’s look at resolution-setting in a whole new way. A way that embraces your superpowers – natural tendencies. Don’t change yourself into someone else. Instead, evolve and eradicate unhealthy aspects of your personality traits.

Many of us picked up a lot of defeatist beliefs from childhood. For me, it was Nina; you ask too many questions, you need to stick to the rules, and be more like your sister… These harmful teachings have haunted me for decades.

Yet, there are always beautiful souls that really see you! My 8th-grade English teacher, Mrs. Peck, told me, “Nina; you have a writer’s soul, don’t worry about the math or chemistry; concentrate on your writing.” She was 1000% right.

I’ve always been a creative soul, so math and chemistry will always be challenging, regardless of how hard I study. And just noticed the words Mrs. Peck used; encouraging, supportive, and understanding – words have a lasting impression. So practice conscious communication when speaking to yourself and others; a New Year’s resolution to consider.


If anything, why not start the new year with a new perspective, embracing your strengths instead of trying to change yourself into something your not. Nina Zapala Spiritual Personality Typing.™️


Thank you, Mrs. Peck – Best Teacher Ever!

Why do so many of us continue to force ourselves to improve upon something we aren’t good at? We push and force and then label ourselves as failures. Please, let’s all stop this behavior. A hard behavior to stop because our society, parents, and teachers push us into these behavioral patterns. Except for Mrs. Peck, she saw me for who I was. But why don’t we question these narratives? We let these stories lead our lives. Beyond childhood into adulthood, and then we wonder why we’re stuck as adults!

Why not create your life from your superpowers?

Why not study your personality in depth?

And why wouldn’t you focus on all of your traits, no matter where they fall in your functions stack?

This is just one of the trailblazing tenets of spiritual personality typing I teach. There is a reason for every one of us to be here. Our fingerprints are unlike any others on the planet, just as our soul path is unlike any other. Ultimately, your uniqueness transcends into a sense of purpose and passion.

Spiritual personality typing also promotes the idea that we choose our personas, just like we choose our parents, if you believe in this mystic idea. Our personality was chosen as it’s fully aligned with our soul purpose and is the best tool for helping us overcome life’s tribulations and bringing us closer to our true Self. If Divine Intelligence sent us here on a mission, it’s logical to believe SHE also equipped us with a dynamic personality type to support our soul’s evolution. It’s why I refer to one’s personality type as sacred.

Ahh, a shift in perspective can make a HUGE difference.

Spiritual Personality Typing©️ helps you clarify the message you were born to share destined by your personality type and soul mission to unveil the true self.  An excerpt from  Unpack Your Personaliyt: Let Your Inner Guide Be Your Travel Guide. Grab your copy here.

Go Within to Discover New Year’s Resolutions that Make Your Soul Sing

My new philosophy around spiritual personality typing will help you discover your path to the True Self. The physical aspect of your persona needs to work in harmony with the nonphysical aspect to find your purpose, passion, and truth. The external world relies heavily on your physical self, which separates you from the nonphysical – the eternal soul self, the beautiful spirit mind. Your beautiful spirit mind allows Divine energy to flow, to keep you present with your true Self. Have you ever heard Divine Intelligence exclaim, listen to your government, society, culture, or even your parent’s ways as they are the path to true enlightenment? Never!

No, You must GO WITHIN.

Building an intimate relationship with your sacred personality type is an excellent place to start on your personal path of enlightenment. I believe we are Divinely designed – born into this world with an encoded message, large or small. Remember, even the tiniest ripple in the pond has a big effect. Either way, your message – your truth is intended to change the world on some level.  

Now let’s get to those resolutions sparked by your personality type.


Truth has no weaknesses; just pure abundance and purpose, joy and love, gratitude and empathy, power and humility, passion and compassion—the good stuff of life. Nina Zapala, Spiritual Personality Typing.™️


New Year’s Resolutions Sparked By Your Sacred Personality Type.

Are you willing to look at New Year’s resolutions from personality typing with a spiritual approach? I’ve been a typology student for more than a decade and a certified Myers-Briggs® instructor. I’ve spent the last 12 applying spiritual personality typing to my life. These philosophies enabled me to navigate a 7-year life tsunami, which I caused, BTW! So I’ve learned a lot and have a lot to share.

Remember, you are far more than just a personality type. Life experiences, country, culture, and society have shaped the illusion of you! If you’re a seeker; you may also realize even past lives play a part. Sometimes your karmic debt travels with you from one life to another. Because you’ve not quite figured out your soul lesson, you return here to figure it out. Note: You become the experiences of life you live through. It’s not a role; mother, sister, wife, mother – nope, it’s the experiences of life that create the self. Roles play a part, but your biggest role in life is self-discovery.

Personality Type Resolutions that Make Your Soul Sing: SPs, SJs, NFs, NTs…


SP types are moment-to-moment seekers tactically desiring to improve the here and now. Many employ earthy mechanisms; a paintbrush, computer, tennis racket, or droid. They’ll always be interested in working with a physical instrument to make their mark. Note; that their strength is practicality and physicality with a high degree of tactile sensing intelligence.

A few resolutions that may bring SPs moments of joy:

  • Do you have a yearning to be more artistic? If so, why not take an art, photography, writing, or music class? Who knows, this one class could change your life,
  • Many SPs are highly active, but their desk jobs keep them chained to a chair. Maybe a high-flying adventure should be considered this year,
  • Have you ever wanted to indulge in craftsmanship work, wood, mechanical, or technical? Why not buy a used piece of wood furniture or a motorcycle that needs some love? Fix it up, enjoy it, or sell it. Who knows, you may stumble into a new side hustle or a new career!
  • Is it time for you to start a YouTube, TicTock, or Podcast? The entertainer in you will shine?


SJs are moral and trustworthy, focusing on and observing what’s natural and right before them. They are super talented, easily manifest wealth, are usually thrifty, and are down to earth. They are often the traditionalists in society, the keepers of time-honored celebrations, national or personal. Their strength is focused on logistics and intelligence, which is stimulating for these types.

Here are a few resolutions that may bring SJs pure happiness:

  • They may start a new family tradition with today’s new environment in mind. Every family member takes turns calling one another weekly, or you create a letter-writing campaign championing their children and maybe local school children to write letters to the elderly in their community that can’t accept visitors or those who don’t have family,
  • New annual resolutions may be formed guaranteeing family or community members are provided for, securing their welfare while holding up the fabric of society,
  • SJ may volunteer their time and logistical wisdom to help businesses thrive and survive in today’s wobbly economy. They take great pleasure in this task fueling their money-making trait while keeping local businesses up and running,
  • How about a resolution that benefits you and others by gathering with friends, family, and community? Maybe start a community program to anchor a sense of belonging for you and others.


NFs are spiritually in tune and seek personal enlightenment. They live for ideas and are creative, imaginative, intuitive types who seek to harmonize and bring about inclusiveness. Note their superpower is diplomatic intellect. It stimulates their spiritual curiosity from many unseen human perspectives.

Here are a few resolutions that can bring NFs – personal fulfillment:

  • Start a friend and or family online community providing endless activities for the group, which may help bring much-needed connectedness and belonging to those who find themselves isolated,
  • Why not start a newsletter, blog, or poetry circle to tap into your writing prowess or start that novel you’ve always wanted to write? Who knows, it may ignite a new adventure, romance, or side hustle,
  • Why not schedule a year of impromptu adult kid play days, where you take off and see where the day leads you,
  • This may be the perfect year to set up healing rituals and practices that shower you and your inner child with love and enjoyment and make you feel beautiful. Tiny Buddha is a great resource to get you started.


These types get supercharged by bringing new understandings to the world. They look to find uniqueness even among two similar yet disparate things. They are logical and can be detached from society. These intuitive thinking types are abstract, complex, exacting, impersonal, and inventive. Note their strength is intellectual strategies.

Here are a few resolutions that bring NTs – intellectual inspiration

  • This may be the year to commit to forming deeper bonds with people you can be yourself around maybe even those who share your interests in the arts,
  • Is this the year, the year to get involved in a group that wants to bring about positive change regardless of political, gender, or other affiliations that tend to restrict new ideas in bureaucracy or a governing body? If you do get involved, you’ll be a shining star.
  • Maybe it’s time to roll out a new understanding of a topic or product you now realize needs modernization, bringing new solutions to age-old problems,
  • This is the year to start your own Queens Gambit or some other intellectual pursuit that you can teach the world online, or you may prefer small intimate groups.


New Year’s Resolutions We Can All Agree On

Regardless of your personality type, I believe the following are a few New Year’s resolutions we can all agree on.

  • To bring awareness of our often careless effect on Mother Nature. Let’s all pitch in and do our part to build healthier neighborhoods, communities, and a better world environment.
  • Avoid using plastic whenever possible. Coke and Pepsi are only part of the problem. What about the non-dairy creamer that’s in plastic, or your dish soap or detergent, fast food containers, hair products –- the list is endless. I make an effort not to buy anything housed in plastic unless I’m desperate. DIY recipes anything can be found on DIY Natural, an excellent source.
  • This year, instead of consuming, let’s opt to create and craft, just a thought.
  • Speaking of homemade, after more than a decade, I have decided to bake and give the gift of baked goods, no matter the occasion. It’s turned out to be very satisfying. While I’m in the kitchen, I think to myself, how exciting. I’m going to be a part of so many gatherings, the intention beyond the baked goods. What’s so fun are the texts I get with tips for improvement, enjoyment, and thank-yous.
  • Travel is a huge destroyer of the planet, so please be mindful when you vacation. Travel with the intention of betterment for you and the planet.
  • Recycling, reusing, and repurposing are so much better for the planet, and it saves money too!

Did You Find: New Year’s Resolutions Sparked By Your Personality Type to be Eye Opening?

I hope you found New Year’s resolutions sparked by your personality type to provide you with a more joyful outlook on the resolution setting. Did you find these suggestions illuminating, fun, and insightful?

It’s always my intention to help you better understand yourself. This post illustrates how personality typing directs every aspect of your life. Developing a relationship with your personality type provides clarity, truth, and a realistic understanding of who you are. Your personality type is your personal guidance system, aligned perfectly with your inner compass. Yep, and it shows up in the kitchen, in your spiritual life, on the road, you as a parent, friend, and lover!

A few more resolutions to consider

My True Self was screaming, you need a change, and boy did my life change, and I mean everything. My life looked like a bad game of Jenga, the blocks scattering everywhere… an exceprt from my upcoming book: Unpack Your Sacred Personality: Myers-Briggs Takes a Spiritual Detour©️ – Nina Zapala, founder, Spiritual Personality Typing®. 

Are You Ready For A New Paradigm in Personality Typing

I’m passionate about introducing the idea of personality typing with a spiritual understanding. It’s all about 16 personal paths to your True Self. A path where you exude self-confidence and feel empowered to take on whatever life throws at you. Making decisions is easier because you understand your decision-making traits and how they influence you. You know who you are and make decisions from a place of clarity; what you like and don’t. You’re ready to step into another transformative day free from antagonizing fear.

Did New Year’s Resolutions Sparked By Your Personality Type Leave You Wanting More?

Are you longing for soul-utions that encourage you to become the hero of your own journey? Realize we are cosmic beings, complex and filled to the brim with eternal wisdom. Today, arm yourself with new dreams, hopes, and desires to accelerate the experience of being fully alive – living your truth.

Remember, you’re not here to chase love, money, or success. You’re here to discover your truth, the best version of you. Divine Intelligence conspires with you when you choose your truth and brings you all that you’ll ever need, making the chase a no-thing. Nina Zapala, Founder Spiritual Personality Typing.

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Happy New Year — Nina Zapala, an ENTP — The Curious Type

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