How to Rediscover Your Childlike Personality Type?

How to rediscover your childlike personality type is a new paradigm in personality typing. When our personality type is pure and childlike, it naturally takes inspired action led by Divine Intelligence. A childlike persona is the way of the “soul’s role” in personality typing.

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What is a Childlike Personality Type?

Please understand this definition is mine and mine alone. Take what resonates and leave the rest.

My Definition: a Divinely inspired, pure personality; is childlike in nature. It’s a gift if we choose it to help us through the trials, tribulations, and triumphs we encounter in life. Realize this aspect of your persona, which I liken to the spirit mind, is the perfect fit to support your life’s purpose. In fact, your personality type clearly reveals your life purpose; when it’s in a pure, childlike state because it’s in line with Divine Intelligence.

Let me be clear. I’m. not speaking of a “childish” persona; I speak of a childlike personality type.

One More Thing

Your childlike personality is the “doorway” connecting you to a spark of Divine Intelligence; found in the center of your heart. Meaning when your personality type becomes fearless, open, and clear, it receives Divinely inspired directions and actions always with your higher self in mind.

Will you trust and listen to your higher self? Or will you continue to trust and listen to the external voices of the world? Ponder this question as you make choices in life! Are in tune with your childlike personality type, which is:

Open-minded, and innocent,

Know the heart is where truth lies,

Is joyful,

Connects to eternal unlimited, potential,

Is pure in thought,

Instinctual in nature,

Sees the world anew, daily,

Fearless, and pure

Is kind,

Knows beauty is love expressed,

A childlike persona is rooted in Divine Intelligence

– Nina Zapala, Spiritual Personality Typing©️

Where Did Your Childlike Personality Go?

Most of us don’t remember our early days when we would cry, smile, and poop, and everyone was like, oh, what a cute baby. Nobody scolded us, made fun of us, or judged us for doing what comes naturally to us.

Ahh, the good old days.

Piaget’s theory of cognitive development, “a child around age two until approximately age seven is in the ego stage of development. This means the child cannot use logic or transform, combine or separate ideas (Piaget, 1951, 1952).” Simply

I believe mothers everywhere will probably agree with this assessment, but in simpler terms, it’s known as the “terrible twos.”

The terrible twos, for many children, are a time of rebellion against what is being forced upon them. My belief, take what you will and leave the rest. Again, I also think children are highly in tune with their eternal soul, their heart-centered higher self. It’s revolting against the constricted, conditioned patterns of a Patriarchal society being forced upon it because it’s still in a state of Divine knowingness of all their IS.

For most of us, the rebellion is subdued, which initiates the degradation of the pure persona. We, as children, learn guilt for not doing what we are told. Shame for being something other than what our parents expect us to be; we fear losing love, security, and acceptance unless we contort ourselves to be someone else’s narrative.

Guilt and shame conditioning continue until we recognize it, or not, as an adult. We take one of two paths, remain unconscious or consciously stop the cycle.

Life or lifetimes tend to be a long journey, so if you are not there, please don’t judge yourself. Celebrate yourself because you’re brave enough to even read about your stuff. Also, realize your next step is removing inherited beliefs that no longer serve you. This is a big step on the journey of awakening to your truths.

The child’s unknowing is also fertile… we have to find ways to unlearn those things that screen us from the perception of profound truth. We have to achieve the child’s unknowing because we have been made so smart. Zen also recommends not losing the “beginners mind,” so important for immediacy in experience.  Thomas Moore, Care of the Soul: page 51-52

How to Uncover Fears In Your Personality Type

Based on my liberating lessons — like experiences, years of studying, and working with Dr. June Lee Nix, a spiritual psychologist, I learned the best way to stop unhealthy fears of guilt, shame, and unworthiness… is to explore your personality type, especially the primary trait, which I liken to your fundamental self.

Remember, typing predisposes each persona to certain behaviors, strengths, and destructive habits. If you look into a trait’s weakness, you can unearth its accompanying fears.

In Example

My dominant trait is extroverted intuition. It sees new ideas, possibilities, opportunities, innovation, creativity… it’s clever and very busy.

Want to unearth your fears? Look no further because unhealthy traits have what you’re looking for, especially the primary trait. Because when it’s unhealthy, all functions become unhealthy. It’s a dominion effect.

When my dominant trait is unhealthy, I’m busy. My life becomes crazy. I’m a woman on a quest for new possibilities without an end in sight. I don’t take time to analyze, slow down and think or listen to someone else’s idea because I’ve become a know-aly, ignorant, arrogant, and compulsive. I’ve stopped listening to what my trait is trying to tell me. 


And forget about hearing any messages from Source. IT can’t communicate with fear-based energies; the frequencies are entirely different.

And yet, when we are willing to listen to what fear is trying to teach us, we gain a deeper understanding of our childlike personality type, which opens the doorway to our heart center, the Divine spark within. This is the path to our true SELF. When my primary function is healthy, I can recreate the ordinary into something extraordinary.

See the difference. It’s HUGE!

How much fresher milk, and sky and laughter will taste once we are retunred to the feel of being new – Mark Nepo, author Book of Awakening

Rediscovering Your Childlike Personality

The quote from Mark Nepo above is a great example of what rediscovering your childlike personality looks like. It works best when you feel into situations, which is an endless task of discovering and rediscovering what our feelings tell us. What’s paradoxical here is you must go to the soul self, aka heart-mind, to feel what’s right for you.

If something is off, a trigger alerts us to untruths, aka false beliefs. These are gentle messages from the soul, letting you know it’s time to awaken from the trauma, pain, and struggle… which recreates itself anew every day if you don’t let go. Pay close attention to triggers. Celebrate them as they are vital to rediscovering your childlike personality.

Also, know you can’t begin the process with a logical mind. It’s muddied by years of being fed sticky, damaging programs, confusion, guilt, and shame…

The progress begins when the heart becomes clear versus staying in confusion.

The heart center, your spiritual mind, does communicate with the logical mind to encourage new beginnings. It ushers in fresh thoughts and beliefs that are pure, fearless, and unencumbered. Negative feelings drop away, and triggers lessen.

Once you’ve grasped the importance of listening to your heart, your childlike persona is now in fellowship with your logical and spiritual mind – the true SELF readies itself to bloom!

Ask yourself, do you want to be lead by your own Divine Intelligence, or do you want to be lead by external forces? Nina Zapala, founder, Spiritual Personality Typing. ™️

#Journal Prompt and Meditation

What’s triggering your fears?

Name them and celebrate them. They are the getaway to self-discovery.


Ask: How are you blocking the “feelings” that are locked in your heart? Now close your eyes, be still, feel and breathe into the feeling, and breathe out the feeling. Try to stay in this meditation until a feeling arises.

#Journal Prompt

What’s been triggering your fears over the years? Name them all.

#Meditation: Ask, How are you blocking the “feelings” that are locked in your heart? Now close your eyes, be still, feel and breathe in the feeling, and then breathe it out. Try to stay in the meditation until a feeling arises.

Answers come from the heart, where the spark of Divine Intelligence lives. This Divine spark lights the path of the true SELF. If you want to know your truth, you must embrace a childlike persona, the gateway to Divine Intelligence.

#Journal Prompt: Write about your feelings, who, what, when, where, and why? How are these feelings negatively affecting you today?

Realize these feelings are not YOU. You are a human being here on earth to co-create with love, aka Divine Intelligence. The feeling was genuine at the time but is no longer relevant in the here and now.

Recap: How to Rediscover Your Childlike Personality

  • A childlike persona is a new paradigm in personality typing. It’s the way of the soul’s role,
  • Defining a childlike personality type,
  • Where did your childlike personality go,
  • How to stop this unhealthy personality paradigm,
  • Rediscover your childlike personality to unlock fears hiding in plain sight,
  • Journal prompt and meditation.

More About the Soul’s Role in Personality Typing

I hope you found How to Rediscover Your Childlike Personality Type eye-opening. I’m passionate and intentional about introducing the idea of personality tying with a spiritual understanding to help you awaken to your true SELF.

The career personality typing model of the 1950s is fine. Yet, as we awaken to our spiritual needs, we must use the gifts of a childlike personality type to support our spiritual selves.

When our childlike persona and spiritual selves are in a union, we express soul intentions, taking Divinely inspired action in all we do. Ahh, the true SELF in action – always encouraging joy, passion, and purpose.

Are you ready for a life reinvention? Do you want to remove your blind self and get to know who you really are? Have you climbed the corporate ladder and see that the views from the top are unfulling and without purpose? Here’s what I know. A deep working knowledge of your spiritual personality will give you the clarity, confidence, and courage to guide you into your next life chapter. Nina Zapala, founder, Spiritual Personality Typing. ™️

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