Best Halloween Costumes Ideas For Your Personality Type

Happy Halloween!

Best Halloween costumes for your personality type, well, OK, you know you better than me, but this list could be a great place to start. Forget staid career typology analysis and instead think Halloween fun and costume ideas. It is time to show off your true self, your authentic personality. Let us tell the untold story of who you really are through a costume.

Here is another post on the topic I think you would like, especially if you need a few more ideas. It is time to get a little crazy and enjoy Halloween. See who you can trick into thinking you are not you! We all need a slice of happiness right now, a few good shenanigans; it is what Halloween is all about!

If you are looking to skip Halloween’s dark innuendos – that now mimic life. YIKES. I come up with some ridiculous and a few spot-on Halloween costume ideas for your personality type.

Ready for a good laugh?

Read on for the best Halloween costumes for Your Personality Type:

Dutiful Types (ESTJ)

Your politically incorrect sense of humor is the perfect LOL moment. Please, do not take offense. People that know and love you realize you are clever, with an innovative spirit and an off-beat sense of humor.

  • What about Leslie Knope, Deputy Director of Parks and Recreation? Mask up like Martha Stewart, an American businesswoman, or Megan Kelly, a journalist; both are said to be ESTJs

Grounded Types (ISTJ)

Social situations are not their idea of a good time unless there with trusted family and friends. They may look upon another trendy party-goer outfit as boring, offensive, and annoying. To them, a trend has no substance.

  • Jarvis Lorry is a character in Charles Dickens’ 1859 novelA Tale of Two Cities. It’s a perfect costume for many reasons; loyal, caring, banker; need I say more? You’ll need a costume shop or someone handy with a needle and thread. Or show up as Jeff Bezos, the Amazon King, who’s said to be an ISTJ.

Attentive Types (ESFJ)

They’re very in tune with the desires of family and friends. They’ll be the ones effortlessly subduing awkward party moments. It’s a gift, as they genuinely want to help! They usually become the MC of any event and will probably host the Halloween gathering in their home, which is their fortress against the world.

  • A simple nursing costume shows the world you care for humanity, as does a teacher’s costume. How you dress it up; naughty nurse, horror night shift nurse, well, you get the idea. Come as a modern-day witch and grab the look from The Witches, played by Anne Hathaway, who’s said to be an ESFJ.

Kindly Types (ISFJ)

You may find them happily handing out candy at a children’s shelter or a local children’s hospital before they make it to their own party or family gathering. You will find them picking up after others, taking things to the kitchen, basically doing all of the mundane party stuff others don’t like to do. And they don’t complain about it!

  • With a fondness for royalty, the Kindly traveler may dress up as the Duchess of Sussex, Megan Markle, an American member of the British royal family. Her wardrobe is uber-stylish, so almost anything is easily wearable in the everyday. Or create a DIY Elizabeth Bennet costume based on Jane Austen’s book Pride and Predijuse. Bennet is said to be an ISFJ.

Harmonious Types (ENFJ)

If the Magnetic traveler is your neighbor, I’m confident in saying they have influenced this year’s neighborhood Halloween festivities. Their enthusiasm and excitement ways will have everyone knee-deep in candy corn.

  • One of the most expressive personality types, so no surprise if this type shows up as one of the world’s most powerful women, Oprah Winfrey, who identifies as ENFJ. Or create a DIY costume, Judy Hoops, or Zootopia.

Insightful Types (INFJ)

Let them plan the party; they are full of ideas and possibilities, and the best part about is they do so in an orderly, caring way. They’re talented writers. Why not let them write the party invitations or an email? They’re the Queen of metaphors.

  • Spiritual and intellectual, the Insightful traveler (INFJ) may want to wipe up a DIY costume of a Tosha Silver, a fun animated spiritualist and one of my favorites. Or a DIY project; create your favorite book cover.

The Enthusiast (ENFP)

This traveler got everyone together and excited about a Halloween party beyond the epidemic, inspiring everybody to get on board while solving the social distancing thing, using Jack-O-Lanterns as markers. They are creative for sure and see Halloween as another exciting life drama!

  • Dress like Gwen Stefani, a reported ENFP personality type, or create a DIY Barbie dressed as a clown, unconventional and creative. Both will take some costuming for sure, but they’ll show up with great fanfare!

Seeking Types (INFP)

Many Inquiring travelers have experienced fantasy-filled childhoods, so look out for amazing Halloween costumes for themselves or their children. They have a flair for narrative therapy, showing up as an engaging story. If you need costume ideas, ask the Inquiring traveler.

  • Princess Beatrice, a defender of Joan of Arc or any iconic fairytale, it’s who you are, go for it. Why not  Princess Leia from Star Wars? Or go real-life as Jane Goodall, primatologist and conservationist, said to have INFP personality traits. 

Assured Types (ENTJ)

Outspoken, responsible, and you love to take charge; you’re the perfect person to take host a Halloween party. You have a special way of bringing out another’s talent and putting it to good use. Can you say delegator?

  • Let’s not forget they relish a good debate, which makes showing up as a politician;  President TrumpJoe Biden, or Kim Jong Un costume, likely to spark lively discussions. Or they can DIY’it and don a Santa-style grey beard and show up as David Letterman, who’s said to be an ENTJ personality type. Mask and suits, and you’re ready to go!

Inventive Types (INTJ)

You’re an innovator and will likely improve upon the original Halloween party plans. You’ll have a contingency plan for rainy weather ideas and party crowd control … You are always prepared.

  • Why not dress like Bob Villa, the famous Home Improvement guru – a DIY costume for sure? Or wear a mask as Elon Musk, an INTJ, founder of SpaceX and Tesla Motors.

Inquisitive Types (ENTP)

Need costume ideas? Just ask this type they’re happy to conjure up an idea or two. You will provide many ideas but aren’t great at the details or follow-through unless it’s urgent. You may have an idea for yourself and show up in something entirely different, eccentric for sure.

  • They may arrive in an unexpected look; a sheeple- they abhor convention, Curious George, the monkey, or they may show up as the late Karl Lagerfeld, an ENTP fashion designer extraordinaire.

Impartial Types (INTP)

You are uber introverted and appreciate the invite but will probably skip the party. You are original, intense, and highly intellectual. If you do decide to costume up, they may look like their latest obsession, a gamer, or a book character.

  • Think Star Wars character, Pokemon, or DIY, and show up as Tina Fey, an actor. She’s said to be an INFP.

Hope the Best Halloween Costumes for your Personality Type Made you Smile 🙂

My goal is always to bring a fun new take on personality typing with a spiritual understanding. Helping you see that your personality is so much more than a career outline. Anywhoo, did you get a few costume ideas for Halloween? Did I make you smile?

The ideas are based upon your personality type, a celebration of you. Costumes focused on typology are an entertaining way to let people see who you are. Own it, and embrace your authentic self. It’s so much more enjoyable than trying to be someone else – well, in this case, being someone is the point. 😂

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