There’s a New Personality Type In Town

There’s a new personality type in town. It’s spiritually based and welcomes the role of the soul. It supports your soul self, leading you down the road to your True Self, the truth of you. It prompts you to discover The WHO of Who You Are. It’s uber relevant in today’s crazy world. As many of us are looking for answers to life’s oldest questions; who we are and how we fit into this upside-down world. Spiritual personality uses the foundational aspects of personality typing while offering a spiritual understanding nurturing you on the path of self-discovery. It’s a new way to approach an enlightened life. I believe it can help answer these questions and more.

Welcome this New Personality Type To Town

Follow Your Heart and Intuition.

They Somehow Already Know What You Truly Want to Become.

Everything Else is Secondary.

Steve Jobs, Apple

I believe the time is now to welcome this new personality type to town. Tapping into spiritual personality typing starts with embracing a new paradigm, enhancing what is. Many of us still rely on the personality paradigm of the 1950s. What’s changed? Over 1.5 million people a year take a Myers-Briggs Indicator test for employment. Career typing is dynamically focused on matching an individual’s strengths to a career. Makes sense, right?. Yet a 2019 Gallop Poll states that 85% of the workforce is unhappy. This is where I found a disconnect; career personality typing is soulless.

Additionally, studies from a recent Psychology Today article show that over 97% of people want to change their personalities consciously. And here’s where I take the road less traveled. I believe you can spiritually transform your personality. My life experiences proved to me improving oneself moves beyond logic, goals, and strategies.

Beyond The Mind And Into The Soul

Many modern-day typologists look at personality functions and cognitive functions from a singular, psychological viewpoint, the career. I totally respect it. But I see a gap. No one is addressing the role of the soul. Many moons ago, with my mentor, spiritual psychologist, Dr. June Lee Nix, I started studying personality typing. My curious self asked Dr. Nix, “Why don’t we as a society incorporate soulfulness into personality typing?” She loved the question and answered with another, “Nina, maybe it’s time you change this.” That was in 2013. I had to fully experience life to go from that moment to this moment. And boy did I, for 7 relentless and challenging years. No one ever says discovering your True Self is going to be easy!

I Welcome This New Personality Theory To Town

Within you, there is a stillness and a sanctuary to which you can retreat at any time and be yourself. 

Hermann Hess

I welcome this new personality theory to town because it was a lifeline for me. It took me out of struggle and introduced me to the Who, of Who I am. My 7-year tsunami taught me many things. One of the most significant was building a nurturing relationship with my personality type supported by an understanding of spirituality. Today, I understand how essential this relationship is to the awakening journey. It’s the first stop to heal, transform, and undo a lifetime of ego-conditioning inherited old habits, beliefs, negative behaviors, well, basically, fear-based living.

A Look At New Spiritually Based Personality Typing

Do you understand what your personality’s functional stack is? To put it simply, your functional stack is the descending order in which you use your four personality traits. Note, I believe each function is anchored in your True Self, the truth of WHO you are. I also believe, we in partnership with our higher self, choose our personality type before we incarnate here on Earth. This choice was made for our highest good and is deeply connected to our soul’s intentions.

My Thoughts On Functional Stacking:

The terminology of traditional personality typing is steeped in its roots dating back to World War II. Since much of personalty typing took place in the 1950s, I find the terms reflective of these times and disconnected from our spiritual nature. With that said, I’ve updated the functional stack terms, not to be different, for different sake, but to reflect the soul’s spirit in each of us. Let me know what you think in the comments, as I could talk about this all day long.

Spiritual Personality A New Look At Functional Stacking

– Your Dominate trait is the one you use the most. Logically named as it’s the most dominant. While this is true, I believe it to be the key to your Foundational Self, your foundation self. When healthy, it’s deeply connected and supports your soul’s intentions, aligning with your TrueSelf, the truth of who you are. This alignment leads to a Divinely Inspired Life,

– An Auxiliary function is your secondary trait. I refer to it as a Harmonious trait. It positively impacts and influences your dominant trait, more so than the other traits. It’s supportive and keeps your true self balanced, and healthy, which helps you live your best life. Ahh, Divine Intelligence provides the tools needed for a joyful existence,

– The tertiary function, the third function, is fairly undeveloped until you reach maturity. I refer to this trait as a Blosooming trait. It patiently waits in the bud stage to be awakened later in life. This is Divine timing in action as it waits for you to be in balance with your True Self and Harmonious Partner, your foundation. When this foundation is set, your bloom in waiting unfolds, helping you to understand the nuances of this function and its relation to other traits,

Inferior function is the fourth trait and is the least developed of all four functions. I refer to it as your Air Traffic Controller. The unconscious, the opposite of your dominant function, the Pilot. This function can be the most disruptive of all as it often conflicts with your True Self.

Recap: There’s a New Personality Type In Town

– Updating personality typing from the 1950s into the present moment,

– What is spiritual personality typing,

– Beyond the mind and logic of career-based personality typing and moving into a spiritual approach,

– A new way to look at the traits that combine to form your four-letter personality, archetype.

Are You Ready For A Spiritual Understanding In Personality Typing

At any moment, you have a choice, that either leads you closer to your spirit or further away from it.

Thich Nhat Hanh

I hope “There’s a New Personality Type In Town” was inspiring and got you thinking about your personality type. I’m passionate about introducing the idea of spirituality and the role of the soul as a complementary aspect of personality typing. It took me many years to develop a relationship with my Divinely Inspired personality. I did the work (I’m still doing it) to move beyond my untruths to arrive at my True Self, to live from my truth.

Today, I’ve built an unshakable foundation. I’ve added a spiritual practice and know there is no other way to go but up. Days are now full of joy. I feel self-confident and empowered to take on whatever life throws at me. Making decisions is easier because I know exactly who I am and what I like and don’t. I get up, ready to step into another transformative day with a boatload of clarity.

I want this for you, too!

Join The Movement

Will you join me on this journey? I believe spiritual personality typing is Divinely timed. It’s a relevant new tool to assist those who aspire to ascend during the great awakening we are all experiencing. So let me ask, are you ready to learn more about who you really are? To illuminate your TrueSelf?

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