Unwrapping Authenticity: Why Being Your True Self is the Ultimate Gift

Unwrapping Authenticity: Why Being Your True Self is the Ultimate Gift. Let’s unpack this topic with the intent of bringing you closer to understanding (inner-standing) your true self.

Now, who doesn’t love opening gifts? The anticipation, the excitement, and a joyful unknowing, which is exciting in itself. On the flip side, giving gifts is also a beautiful thing, as it offers you the ability to bring someone a smile and happiness, and in some cases, the ability to give something that someone can’t give themselves.

Let’s Unpack What’s Truly Behind Gift-Giving

We are in the midst of the gift-giving season. The societal pressure and emphasis on material gifting can be overwhelming. And to be honest, many people get further in debt over the holidays to meet the expectations of others. Or could it be an unsatisfied need within? #journalprompt

I’m not saying gift-giving is a bad thing, but when it’s an unconscious activity, it doesn’t fulfill the promise of inner joy and fulfillment. 

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Maybe it’s time to step away from the “Black Friday” madness, the overindulgence in all the stuff, and become intentional gift-givers. Intentionality is questioning yourself. Why am I giving what I’m giving? Could it be that you are giving someone what you, yourself, actually need? Here again, the wily expectations of the external world creep in and overtake what your inner being wants and needs.

Gift Giving is a Mirror of Unwrapping Your Authenticity

Embarking on the grand adventure to the true self is very much like receiving a gift. There is great anticipation, excitement, and unknowingness. I believe we as humans can have this experience bathed in love and grace when we are in harmony with our fearless selves.

Yet for many of us, including myself here, fear enters through the back door. Anticipation can be fueled by what-ifs, self-doubt, and disingenuous beliefs. The same holds true for the unknown. We are taught from a young age not to trust ourselves or listen to our inner understandings. It’s a constant barrage of adult conditioning. Yes, it’s said to be for our protection, but this isn’t always the case. How many times were you told to be careful, no you can’t, no more questions…?

Remember, enriching experiences aren’t always fairytale-positive. When we fail or when challenges arise, these can be beautiful, teachable moments and times for self-development. But instead, many of us experience fear-induced reactions. UGH!

What I learned going through my life tsunami is that when you trust yourself, know yourself, and rely on yourself, you are deeply connected to the beautiful spirit mind. Life becomes full of wonderful things; it’s purposeful, and it’s living soulfully, not materialistically. You just see the world differently, living a lifestyle through the lens of spiritual personality typing.

Giving the Gift of Authenticity

In last week’s blog, I touched on why the best gift you can give is the gift of yourself. Sharing your special self with others is a rare and wonderful gift that friends and family will sincerely appreciate. What we must realize is we are all beautiful souls here on the planet to share our soul’s purpose, big or small; size doesn’t matter. What matters is impact. How often have you heard my teacher saw me, and her words led me to… Or as my mom always said, I believe in you planting the seeds of greatness. These small gestures had huge impacts, so don’t ever see yourself as lesser than another. That’s a collective illusion.

The gift of authenticity and impact is a direct result of our soul’s earthly evolution. We must realize that when we don’t embody our true selves, we leave a hole in the tapestry of the collective. Your impact and influence are part of Divine’s grand plan. Without you, others are without the wisdom you are here to share. 

Is Material Gift Giving Fleeting?

Can all agree material gifting can be fleeting? Please know I’m speaking more about receiving gifts, than giving gifts. Yet, materialistic gift-giving is more about a happy transient experience, than a deep joy or an evolving peace that lingers within. A lingering peace is what I experience, not on the daily, mind you; I’m working on that. Yet when I’m focused on the intention of staying true to myself, peace, joy, and flow do prevail. Life becomes more aligned regardless of the situation.

Embracing Authenticity as a Significant Gift for Personal Growth

No one but you can define what it means to be authentic. Authenticity is defined by you and only you. It is a soul gift that only you can know, and it’s a gift you are here to share with the world. 

I would be arrogant, and even ignorant, to assume I can define what authenticity means to you. But what I do know is that authenticity is being able to be your true self no matter the situation, relationship, where, when, why, or how. It’s all you, being fully and unapologetically you. For me, and the reason for my new book, Unpack Your Personality: Let Your Inner Guide Be Your Travel Guide, authenticity means embracing the spirit mind, your higher soul self that is tethered to all that IS, Divine Intelligence. What I’ve learned is that the soul, the spirit mind, should be your guiding light in life. 

When you begin to understand that your nonphysical self, your spirit mind, has a huge role to play here on the physical plane, you’ll realize your personality type is sacred. Why? Your personality type is the tool the spirit mind uses to express itself through your personality, your personal reality. Your personality type has unique abilities assigned to your mind, aka cognitive functions, that indicate decision-making attitudes, how you show up in the world, and how you perceive things. It holds the keys to your foundational self. Please know I don’t believe you are only a personality, but I do believe it plays a significant role in your life, as does your country’s culture, childhood, societal expectations… What plays the most important role in your life is your eternal soul self, your spirit mind that is here to evolve, your eternal everlasting self. 

Unwrapping Authenticity: Why Being Your True Self is the Ultimate Gift

I hope after reading this you begin to see why being true to yourself is the ultimate gift for you, your loved ones, and others you interact with. Being unapologetically you makes your life so much easier. It’s in flow. What you need is brought to you. It’s energetically aligned with your life purpose. I believe that when you align with your true self, your spirit mind, the inner spirit within your being comes alive and begins to lead your life. And know, it will always direct you to your best outcomes, using inspired actions that are far removed from ego, conditioning, and fear.

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