Twenty Reasons Why Travel is Good For Your Soul

Twenty reasons why travel is good for your soul include a few reasons I’m authoring Unpack Your Personality.©️ Personality typing is foundational. It’s the key to your awakening. Your personality type is a gift helping you to recognize your essential self ⏤ who you really are.

The similarities to travel are remarkable. I see travel as a gift. It’s full of authentic places and cities with distinct personalities, and challenging scenarios to help us fully explore ourselves. I believe travel can be another form of spiritual expression. It presents the freedom to embark on pilgrimages to awaken the soul, to help you resee yourself a new, and when you return home, you’re more enlightened. Way better than any tchotchke.

Travel as a Global University

I propose we use travel as a global university, empowering us to see that our dreams can come true. Travel gives us the open-heartedness to choose the unconventional. A choice that provides new perspectives. It helps us gain clarity and embrace the foundational values of who we are, our grace, and our complexities. When we travel, we look at the world as a feast of many colors, traditions, cultures, and creeds. Why not take this openness, and allow it to sink deep within our hearts to let our Divine Self shine through.

Let your inner guide be your travel guide.

Nina Zapala, Founder Spiritual Personality Typing

Twenty Reasons Why Travel is Good For Your Soul

  1. Travel shows you that dreams can come true; you saved, you planned, and you worked your plan – you’ve arrived. So what’s your next dream? 

2. What if you have to make a choice, and after the anxiety falls away, you realize everything turned out fine? Stretching yourself is always a good thing,

3. A schedule gets derailed and freaks you out, but it also shows you what you’re made of,

4. Another traveler teaches you compassion as they step out of a lengthy line to help a Mom who’s struggling with four kids,

5. You see a tightly held belief crumble before your eyes as you listen to the wisdom of an elder from another culture eloquently explaining their country culture, 

6. Strolling, observing, and stopping overtake your typically busy self, allowing you to see yourself in the world – as you,

7. Your heart opens as you see a little boy begging for coins, looking down at your children, you realize how blessed you are,

8. A tricky travel situation presents itself, and you miraculously save the day. As you ponder the moment, you recognize a new side to yourself. What if your travel intention was discovering three wonderful things about yourself, so much fun, right,

9. The stress, strain, and unending busyness fades and ushers in an awareness that life has something greater to offer,

10. What you thought was a hard and fast rule of life becomes more adaptive,

11. You become clear on a few nagging questions as the answers come tumbling to the surface,

12. Travel helps you reveal aspects of yourself that have been unconscious for years,

13. An experience shakes you to your core, helping you to get a glimpse of the plan the Universe has for you,

14. The family bonds over a travel hiccup as you all pitch in to get the trip back on course,

15. Cliche as it sounds, travel presents challenges helping you to recognize you’re more than you ever thought possible,

16. Travel unveils Divine Disrupter that show-up as triggers; arguments, meltdowns, judginess… all to help you see yourself anew, WHAOO you’re on a path of soul growth,

17. While on vacation, you often see yourself differently; more capable, resilient, and open to new things that life is presenting – in-the-moment,

18. Travel gives you the OK to delve into your urgings,

19. A vacation has the power to change your perceptions about all things. Open your heart. Be Curious. And have fun in knowing that each experience adds another layer to You,

20. Today is the day to let your inner guide be your travel guide, let travel open-you-up to a new way of being in the world.

Looking For More

I hope Twenty Reasons Why Travel is Good for Your Soul inspires you to see travel in new ways. Travel is so much more than a selfie, good food, and company. I believe it to be a spiritual expression, a university for self-growth, a time for vulnerability, and courage. 🙏

If you’re wondering how to tap into the power of your personality, your personal reality stayed tuned. I’m developing a fresh approach to personality typing, taking typology on the open road. I’ll be using travel as the classroom setting, and as I believe spirituality should be packed right along with the sunscreen and sunnies.

In my humble opinion, travel is one of the best paths to rethink personality typing as you know it today. You’ll realize the Universe assigned you a Divine Soul and embellished it with a personality blueprint. You’re here to fully discover your authentic self and share your beautiful soul on the world stage. OK, in your backyard is just as beautiful.

My Intention

I hope this blog challenges the way you see yourself and the way you travel. I want you to embrace the challenges, aka the travel trigger, that lie on the road ahead. Triggers are the revelers of unconsciousness and hold the keys to hidden aspects of our authentic selves, which tend to manifest while on vacation. Why does planning a vacation make travelers happier than the vacation itself? Those wonderful yet pesky travel triggers arise on vacation, causing friction, even with the best-laid plans.

As a course changer and a new path maker, I’m always looking for ways to upend the status quo and challenge convention. I believe the magic of travel is in the unknowingness. The unknowingness is precisely what you need to look past what you think you know, shatter irrelevant expectations, and bring to life your authentic self, your truth.

Making Travel Sacred Starts With Knowing Your Spiritual Personality

Nina Zapala, Founder Spiritual Personality Typing

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