Labor Day The Best Trip Tips for Extrovert Travelers

Labor Day is right around the corner. Are you excited, extrovert travelers? Across the USA crowds will gather and celebrations will be held. Will you make Labor Day your end of summer travel, splurge? A trip note: be aware that no two extroverts are exactly alike. The trip tip ideas listed below are suggestions, and it’s my hope that you find one or two to your liking.

Remember, Labor Day is a day to take off and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Vacationing is one way to reward yourself for all of your hard work. Now, let’s get this party started!

Tips for Extrovert Travelers: East Coast

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Trip Idea for Extrovert Travelers: Washington, D.C.

Extrovert travelers are you ready to dive in and enjoy a plethora of activity? Are you ready to get involved in the action? Does the idea of celebrating with friends, and making new acquaintances sound good? Well then, Labor Day is the day for you to get your “extrovert on.”

Washington, D.C.

Washington, D.C. is always a happening town, but during Labor Day, its on fire. The city celebrates in a big way. Start with the National Symphony Orchestra’s Labor Day Concert on the west lawn of the U.S. Capital this free music event starts off the Kennedy Center’s performing arts season with American classics. Before sightseeing on the National Mall sample, some of D.C.’s tastiest treats from the Districts farmer’s markets; think wood-fired pizza, crab cakes or grab a pastry, just because they’re that good. Before heading out for the massive fireworks display try on of D.C.’s trendy and delicious eateries. A few to discover: 

New Orleans, Louisianna

New Orleans, Louisianna – Yes, it’s home to Mardi Gras, and over Labor Day weekend the city is at it again, as it celebrates a gay Mardi Gras, known as Southern Decadence. Expect lively crowds wearing colorful costumes, a lot of dancing, and over-the-top parades in the French Quarter. If you don’t know, let me tell you, New Orleans, food is off the charts, tasty. It infuses French and African flavors which are uniquely interwoven with hints of American touches. Have I talked you into spending the weekend chowing down? The go-ahead and put the cajun seafood at Louisiana’s oldest charted, harvest festival; Shrimp and Petroleum Festival on the list. You won’t want to miss it. Also, while in town, live music and dancing are the fabric of the place. Go ahead dance like nobody’s watching!

Miami, Florida

Bring your stretchy pants as Miami ushers in Miami Spice, a great way to experience over 215 of Miami’s outstanding dining hotspots at a discount. Local restaurants participate by showcasing innovative meals while many hotels also provide room discounts over the weekend. Had enough food? Then head over to Hyde Beach which ushers in the White Out Labor Day party. This international Ballet Festival delivers film, art, literature, and live performances. Miami, Florida really is a haven for extroverts any time of the year.

Tips for Extrovert Travelers: Central USA

alt="The Chicago Jazz Festival, Chicago IL is a great place to visit for extrovert travelers."
Trip Idea for Extrovert Travelers: The Chicago Jazz Festival.

Chicago, Illinois

The oldest jazz festival in Chicago, Chicago Jazz Festival, takes place at Millennium Park. The festival presents a series of performances showcasing some of the world’s most beloved jazz musicians on the planet. There is a huge lobster festival as well, hell I’d go to Maine for that, but the Polonia Festival is a smart choice. Summering in Chicago as a kid, I know first hand, that the Polish food scene is amazing. And if you haven’t tasted authentic blintzes, pierogi, potato pancakes, and Zapiekanki Polish Pizza, you haven’t lived! Music is also on the menu. Don’t skip the free fireworks at the Navy Pier. And make time for the African American Festival of the Arts.

Detroit, Michigan

Visit the Motor City, to experience one of the Detroit Jazz Festival now in its 40th year. It’s the largest festival in the world. One of my favorite jazz musicians, of all times, George Benson, (grew up listening to this man singing, “Just Gimmie’ the Night“) will be honored in the memorandum. This year’s line-up looks incredible, and the energy will be off-the-charts. Have fun extrovert travelers this is totally your scene. Want more? Just north of the city is the Arts, Beats & Eats festival in Royal Oak. Musical performers on nine stages, a fine arts showcase, and plenty of good eats will have you dancing the day away. What’s even cooler? Most of the proceeds go to charities throughout the country! #feelgood and #dogood.

Tips for Extrovert Travelers: West Coast

alt="Trip idea of extrovert travelers - polo festival, Denver Colorado."
Trip Idea for Extrovert Travelers – Polo Festival, Denver Colorado

Denver, Colorado

Would you have thought Denver, Colorado would be home to a Polo Festival? Festival-goers will experiences ponies, music, food, and fun. Even better the festival is partnered the Equine Partnership Program (EPP). The EPP is a beneficial charity helping rehab horses from bad situations. It also builds connections with horses and children. These connections help heal abuse and trauma. Hat’s off to the festival for giving back. Wish they would also bring a voice to the inhuman herding of animals in the wild.

Seattle, Washington

Celebrating Labor Day weekend at Bumbershoot, a unique and acclaimed contemporary festival. This festival brings together live music, comedy, theater, film, and dance. Another festival not to miss is the Americana Festival at Waterfront Park. Folk music, country, and blues are on tap. A two-hour drive from Seattle will take you to Fort Wardon. The city hosts a hip festival called the Thing. It’s oh-so 1960’s. It’s a place where openness and a positive attitude are packed right along with sunnies and reef-safe sunscreen. The THING features four primary stages:

  • McCurdy Pavilionincluding, a decommissioned balloon hangar,
  • Wheeler Theatre, an intimate art-deco theatre,
  • and the Parade Grounds overlooking Puget Sound.

Las Vegas, Nevada

Yeah, Las Vegas is truly an extrovert travelers dream. It’s lively, always on the move and is on 24/7. Celebrate the end of summer 2019, poolside. Pool parties are a “thing” in Vegas. If you want to be seen, and meet new people, this is an excellent way for extrovert travelers to mingle and meet new besties. Of course, if you get water-logged, their’s always fabulous shows and delicious culinary experiences on every corner. Of course, if you get water-logged, their’s always fabulous shows and delicious culinary experiences on every corner.

Extrovert Travelers, I Hope these Trip Tips for Labor Day Weekend got you think’ in?

I hope you find this blog post useful. It’s always my intention to create itineraries that meet and exceed your travel personality traits. Let me know if you do happen to visit any of the places I mentioned above. I would love to hear more about your experiences.

Stay Tuned — There’s More

I am working on a free quiz and developing a detailed tiny book for each travel personality type. It’s taking me longer than anticipated because I take longer to make a decision; it’s the “P” in me, that keeps me pondering. Please know when these tiny books are ready they will be uber useful for introvert travelers. It’s for travelers who seek to gently transform, awaken and self-actualize just by tapping into their inner travel guide — your authentic soul self, while on vacation.

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Happy Labor Day!




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