Tap into Your Divine Design a new way to use Personality Typing

Tap into your DivineDesign a new way to use personality typing, which I believe is essential to help you discover your path to purpose. This concept is integral to a book that I’ll soon be releasing entitled; Unpack Your Personality.©️ The idea for the book was presented to me during my spiritual awakening, an awakening that took me on a 10-year journey of relentless challenges, rebirths, and learning experiences.

For years, I’d been questioning and seeking new ways to be a better me. I’d been asking a lot of questions, but I didn’t want to hear the answers. So the Divine took matters in hand, and during a still moment, said, “You aren’t listening. We’re sending in the big guns.” Which turned into a 7-year tsunami. WTH. I believed at the time I was a student of spirituality until the tsunami hit. It made me realize; that I’ll always be a student.

Tapping into the Divine Design

After the worldly challenges began to subside; divorce, job loss, a health scare… I started to dive deeper into ME. I went back to my trusted spiritual sources; Neal Donald Walsh, Abraham-Hicks, and Wayne Dyer, to name a few. While all these spiritual masters had great gifts to share, I was still floundering. I didn’t understand why. So I asked another question, why?

Then one day, the answer to my why showed up. I was looking for a new publicity client, and stumbled upon, by Divine Design, a psychologist, June Lee Nix, Ph.D. She just so happened to be looking for a publicist to help her launch a personal growth retreat. It wasn’t held at a luxury resort, with fancy food. Nor was it based on snappy, superficial universal truths that are relatable but not soul-shifting. OMG, me to a T! We worked out a deal. Two days later, I had signed up. For the next year, I drove every weekend to a remote cabin in the middle of North Carolina, sharing it with 10 other soul-seekers. Oh, and did I mention, no cell phones?

The retreat was Divinely ordered. It was here the inklings of Unpack Your Personality©️ started to take shape. June was a petite, introverted woman powered by her own 5G network. Her energy was indomitable, and I clung to her like a baby chic. I couldn’t learn enough. She was brilliant with a vulnerable quality that was comforting. Looking at the dark underbelly of you is intense work. Doing it in front of ten other people is profound and hellashish all at once. But this setting made us all accountable. June is a genius.

My Mistakes Using Personality Typing

June taught me that I’d been using personality typing all wrong. First, I hadn’t correctly identified my type, which I now realize is common. And secondly, she explained life here on Earth is not just about your career. It’s about realizing your true self, your holy spirit self, and your soul’s evolution for this lifetime. The blueprint for this earthly journey is embedded in the spark of the Divine within. The Divine understands life on Earth isn’t about perfection; how would we learn? Instead, we are fortified with a distinct personality ⏤ that is perfectly matched for your Earth school journey. Your personality is gifted to you at birth. It supports you on the path of self-discovery.

So many light bulbs went off that year. I could have lit up The Shuttle Landing Facility (SLF) the longest in the U.S. I used everything I learned at that retreat, to help me navigate my life tsunami. Never again will I believe things are random. In this world, everything has a reason. Everything!

A New Way to Use Personality Typing to Tap Into Your Divine Design

What I learned through personal experience is that many of the typology theories are foundational to career success. A ginormous takeaway from that annual retreat is we are more than our careers. This knowledge, coupled with my life’s relentless challenges, led me to examine personality typing theories further. I wanted to explore typology beyond a career tool, with the understanding it could be a personal growth tool. Why not use it to examine self-identity, beyond just the four-letter acronym? While I believe these four letters are foundational, I now realize, that typology can help us on a deeper level, especially when combined with a spiritual or religious practice.

I crave intellectual stimulation and exploring what’s new. The retreat I enrolled in was perfect for my personality type. I wouldn’t be attracted to traditional retreats too much hoopla for me. But I can tell you the Harmonious traveler would dig a spiritual retreat like this. It’s exactly why your friend signs up for a masterclass and tells you to join, and you’re like what the hell! This makes no sense, and I just wasted $2,000 bucks. How many times has that happened, and I’m talking beyond a spiritual masterclass here?

More than 16 types

Ahh – here’s another moment of enlightenment. A person with the same personality can gather with others of the exact type and walk away saying, ‘Wow did you hear what she/he said, can you believe they acted like that’… The reality is we’re all different. (Note; they could also be tripping one of your travel triggers, which you may not be ready to deal with. More on travel triggers here.) We all exhibit traits from the 16 Myers-Briggs personality types. But when you add in childhood upbringing, social norms, peer pressure, country culture oh yeah, and your life story, the differences start to surface like seashells on the beach.

I’m not a math whiz, but that’s way more than 16!

How This Helps You Tap Into Your Divine Design

So are you wondering how personality typing can help you tap into your Divine Design? It’s related to your dominant trait, your North Star. What I’ve learned studying typology is the majority of us value our own beliefs, habits, and lifestyles and dismiss others as wrong. When in fact, they’re not wrong, just different.

I believe travel is one of the best experiences to see how lifestyle differences from around the world make up the fabric of human expression. It’s a study of human consciousness.

This awareness allows us to embrace our authentic selves. Now we’re ready to embark on a Divinely Designed journey to our soul selves. It’s because we have a better understanding of how we experience the world, what our gifts are, and how we can best serve. Now is the time to choose a spiritual practice that best aligns with your personality type and your life’s Divine Design.

A Quick Post Recap to Tap Into Your Divine Design

Post Recap:

  • Personality typing can be more than a career tool. It can be a lifestyle practice when combined with a spiritual/religious approach,
  • A spiritual approach in partnership with personality typing,
  • You’ll need to identify your personality type correctly,
  • You are more than a four-letter acronym,
  • Why your four letters are only a fraction of what defines your personality type,
  • Travel is a fantastic way to respect cultural differences, embrace your own and others,
  • Identify your dominant trait, aka your North Star, which holds the keys to unlocking your Divine Design

My Intention

Did a new way to use personality typing to tap into your Divine Design challenge the way you look at yourself and travel? I hope you embrace the challenges, aka travel triggers, that lie ahead on the journey to self. Travel triggers, the revelers of the unconsciousness, are the hidden aspects of your magnificent, authentic, Divine Self.

Divine Disrupters cause travel triggers ⏤ to stimulate awareness. It’s in the awareness that you take action or not. If you choose to look at the awareness and not take action, there is no forward motion. If you choose to take action, a mind shift takes place. A new self-truth emerges, along with a new-found life path leading to a new lease on life.

As a course changer and a new path maker, I’m always looking for ways to upend the status quo and challenge convention. I believe the magic of travel is in the unknowingness. The unknowingness delivers what you need. It helps you look past what you think you know, shatter irrelevant expectations, and bring your authentic self to life, your truth.

Tune In 

I’ve written Unpack Your Personality as a guide to launch a journey to self. The guide reveals hidden aspects of yourself. It’s an easy read. But the content within is thought-provoking and soul-shifting to help you rethink yourself in a new. To create a life of Divine Design!

I look forward to building a community of type (personality type) seekers. Individuals who want to grow, learn, and know their reason for being to make the world a brighter place. The idea is to become a positive force in the world. And I’m up for whatever it takes to make this happen. My journey started with unraveling set expectations directed by others. It’s my wish to create a pathway that enables you to flow into your journey to self. 🙏 😇

My radio interview aired on Speaking of Travel part of the iHeart radio network with host, Marilyn Ball. Give it a listen here. 

Join the Movement

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Post Updated: 9.2023



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