Bridgerton Kate Sharma’s Personality

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INTJ’s Function Stack, the order in which this type uses each trait Ni-Te-Fi-Se  Brilliant. Ingenious. Perfectionist. Is Bridgerton Kate Sharma’s personality dictating her romantic life choices? Are you watching Bridgeton Season II – who isn’t? Are you getting to know Kate? What do you think? Do you believe unhealthy aspects of Kate’s personality type ruling […]

Is Your Personality Type Into Spring Fashion Trends?

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Is your personality type into spring fashion trends? Do you eagerly await the top fashion fads by searching magazines, podcasts, and blog posts? Are you like meh, don’t bother me, or do you have an IDGAF energy surrounding your style choices? Can we please have fun with fashion and not take it so seriously? Again, […]

How Anna Delvey’s Personality Type Impacts Her Life?

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How Anna Delvey’s personality type impacts her life? It’s a fascinating look at how fear-based traits can derail your life. Watching Inventing Anna, Anna appears to be a powerhouse with nerves of steel. I loved how she marched right up to the billionaire tech mogul, Henrick Knight, played by Joshua Malina … balls to the wall, […]

33 Ways to Love Your Personality

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33 Ways to Love Your Personality is an illuminating read. It highlights many different ways to love yourself. Enjoy your personality type as the beautiful gift it’s intended to be – a supportive spiritual tool to help you define your sacred purpose, totally in alignment with your truth! Yes, we are here to fall in […]

How to Plan Romantic Getaways For Your Personality

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Plan romantic getaways for your personality type isn’t necessarily about a specific plan. That’s wrong thinking. Instead, it’s more about your type’s likes and dislikes and, of course, figuring out your partner’s personality type, tastes, their romantic desires. You and your partner’s needs should always come first. In fact, many people don’t even like to […]

3 Ways To Stay True to You During the Holidays

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Three ways (3-holiday stress busters) to stay true to you this holiday season addresses ways to stay tuned in to yourself and rethink the holiday season beyond the hustle and bustle, shopping, and exhausting perfection. How many of you look forward to the holidays? Do you find the season to be stressful or joyful? Some […]

How To Build Trust In Seasons of Change: Part Two

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How to build trust in seasons of change part two is a follow-up to last week’s blog discussion, “How to Use Personality Preferences to Build Trust.” As many of you know, I’m a personality-type enthusiast. I believe it to be a remarkable tool to find yourself with a modern-day necessity; a spiritual understanding, tapping into […]

How to Rediscover Your Childlike Personality Type?

How to rediscover your childlike personality type is a new paradigm in personality typing. When our personality type is pure and childlike, it naturally takes inspired action led by Divine Intelligence. A childlike persona is the way of the “soul’s role” in personality typing. Strapped for time, click here for the cliff notes, or check out […]