7 Ways To Determine if You’re a Spirit-Led Entrepreneur

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7 Ways To Determine if You’re a Spirit-Led Entrepreneur is for those who desire to run soulful enterprises allowing the true Self to lead the way! In the world of entrepreneurship, there’s a growing recognition of the soul’s role in business related to trusting your intuition and fully stepping into your passion and purpose. It’s […]

Is Melissa McCarthy’s Personality Type Driving Her Successful Career?

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Is Melissa McCarthy’s personality type driving her successful career? Her latest success is God’s Favorite Idiot, now rated number two on Netflix. Are you not loving this new show? I find that most of Melissa McCarthy’s work is stellar, and who hasn’t watched Bridemaids like ten times? Hell, I still watch the hit TV show […]

Is Your Personality Type Into Spring Fashion Trends?

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Is your personality type into spring fashion trends? Do you eagerly await the top fashion fads by searching magazines, podcasts, and blog posts? Are you like meh, don’t bother me, or do you have an IDGAF energy surrounding your style choices? Can we please have fun with fashion and not take it so seriously? Again, […]

96% of People Fail When Trying to Better Themselves —Here’s My Secret to Better

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Why do 96% of people fail when trying to better themselves? This statistic comes from a Business Insider article authored by Srinivas Rao, who hosts The Unmistakable Creative podcast. The article’s premise is to take action and use a catalyst to motivate a better self. I took action, thought myself into a stupor, and leaned into […]

How to Rediscover Your Childlike Personality Type?

How to rediscover your childlike personality type is a new paradigm in personality typing. When our personality type is pure and childlike, it naturally takes inspired action led by Divine Intelligence. A childlike persona is the way of the “soul’s role” in personality typing. Strapped for time, click here for the cliff notes, or check out […]