Personality Typing Isn’t Your Identity. It’s a Tool Part Two

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Your personality type is a tool. It uses a set of indicators supported by your True Self to help you take Divinely inspired actions. Remember, the True Self is your conduit for Divine intelligence. I don’t believe your personality type identifies you. It supports your soul self, which is your eternal being, the who of […]

Your Personality Isn’t Your Identity: It’s A Tool

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Your personality isn’t your identity. I believe it to be a tool intended to support your soul self on this earth-bound journey. More succinctly, when you utilize your personality type from a healthy state, it becomes an expression of your soul’s desires. Your personality will consistently take action from a Divinely inspired place, the true […]

A 7-Year Life Tsunami Had Me Facing My Fears

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A 7-year life tsunami had me facing my fears, unveiling shadow energies. Each one arrived with a different lesson I needed to learn. It was a time of great pain, many challenges, and a grand emergence. It took a lot of work, yet I discovered my Divinely Inspired personality type from the chaos. As I […]

How To Find Yourself Through Spiritual Personality Typing?

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How to find yourself through spiritual personality typing is a big question with a four-word answer. Understand your personality type. Easy-peasy right? Well, yes, and no. The world isn’t easy-peasy. It’s changing rapidly. It’s chaotic, and what worked yesterday doesn’t work today. Our transitioning world is causing eight out of ten Americans to be anxious, […]

How Personality Triggers Inspire Personal Growth on Vacation?

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How do personality triggers inspire personal growth on vacation? Let’s face it; you pack your personality (healthy or unhealthy) right along with the sunnies and the sunscreen. So it’s reasonable to assume your personality may get triggered on vacation. Personality triggers are emotionally charged traits with low vibrational energy; they are unhealthy traits. Honestly, emotional […]

Personality Typing: A Tool On the Path of Transformation

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A look at personality typing as a tool on the path of transformation will help you understand a revolutionary new approach: personality typing with a spiritual understanding. This new paradigm helps you to answer life’s most pressing questions. It brings you clarity and illuminates your life potential. Your sacred personality will dial you into the […]