How to Love Being an Extrovert Own Your Truth

How to love being an extrovert and own your truth? First, acknowledge your energy which you exude tenfold. It is all about energy flow, and when you operate from your truth, you have the power to change cultures, start a movement, and move mountains; think Reese Witherspoon, Michelle Obama, and Taylor Swift.

You probably don’t know this about me, but I’m ENTP, an Inquisitive type. I live in a dualistic world of introversion (49%) and extroversion (51%). I share this because it’s foundational to what I know is my truth, my passion, and my purpose.

I believe we co-create with the Divine creator before incarnating. We choose our specific personas knowing that our personality type possesses the ideal traits we need to support our soul evolution during this lifetime. My work is to help you “resee Myers-Briggs through the lens of a spiritual looking glass,” so I need to understand the energy flow of introverts and extroverts. My persona is ideal for my soul mission. And so is YOURS!

Get the Cliff Notes: How To Love Being Introvert and Own Your Truth

Here are the cliff notes on How To Love Being Extrovert and Own Your Truth? No worries. Here are the cliff notes. I suggest you bookmark this page as I share relevant details on how to love being an extrovert.

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Now back to the post.

Your Personality Is Attached to Your Soul’s Evolution

My passion and purpose are to help you rethink personality typing with a spiritual understanding. Divine intelligence knew I would need to experience being in the world using introvert and extrovert behaviors to fulfill my purpose. So, of course, my personality supports my soul’s intentions allowing me to step into my power, passion, and purpose.

And pleeease, just because I am an extrovert, I don’t have a clue as to what your world looks like as an extrovert. Here’s why. Your world was and is created from childhood stories, life experiences, challenges, and loving and not-so-loving relationships… I can’t imagine your world; even if I tried, I believe it would be stereotypical and oversimplified. UGH! But I do have an understanding of “general” patterns of behavior. And that’s as far as I can go, but it’s a lot.

What I do know is we are all created from a Divine light of love. As pop spiritualists say, “spiritual beings having a human experience.”

Carl Jung saw extroverts’ focus as outwardly directed, leading them to act more extensively. –– Carl Jung, psychiatrist, psychoanalyst, and the founder of analytical psychology.

How to Love Being an Extrovert and Own Your Truth

So let’s get back to the question. So how do you, as an extrovert, own your truth? It’s through observation and awareness of your energies. If you feel good about an outer world experience, your energy lets you know, as you feel vibrant and alive –– truth-based energy. When the energy is hesitant and you feel off –– you’re headed into fear-based energy. Can you begin to see once you realize the truth of who you really are, you become clear-headed, confident, and courageous. NOBODY knocks you off your game because you own your greatness. You’re playing a winners game!

Love Your Extrovertedness is Electric Because it’s Truthful!

You know the feeling you get when you step into your truth –– it’s electric. Why? Because you’ve aligned with your persona and soul self. You now express Divinely inspired messages and actions through your reality. You’re operating from the magical union of soul self and your fearless personality. This allows everything to flow into your world seamlessly. You know the right words, when to pivot, and how to make the best decisions for extraordinary outcomes. And you don’t feel the need to judge anymore because you understand we are all Divinely led here on earth to evolve.

Let’s Stop Stereotyping Extroverts. –– Nina Zapala, Founder; Spiritual Personality Typing®

Rise Above Stereotyping and Be the Extrovert Who Owns Their Truth and Loves Who They Are

I took an online quiz from a popular blogger to see if I was an introvert or an extrovert. Their test results stated that I’m an introvert. The results didn’t surprise me since my type is pretty much 50/50 on the introvert/extrovert scale. What surprised me was what they said, “introverts prefer deeper relationships while extroverts prefer more superficial ones.”


I have to say, I was insulted, and I disagree wholeheartedly. While extroverts in their younger years may be more concerned with worldly interests because it’s innate to who they really are. Yet, as extroverts begin to mature, they also desire deep and fulfilling relationships. Don’t we all, OK maybe not all of us but to stereotype 50% of the population is bullshit.

So many things in our society are polarizing and separating; politics, gender, race, the Internet, and personality typing. I see memes and all the stereotyping about personality types ⏤ it’s hurtful and untrue. It makes you question yourself, and it has you believing in what these stereotypical memes say.

Here’s the thing. Everyone is created from Divine intelligence with a personality and a soul on a mission to evolve. I believe people will come and go in your life. You’ll be attracted to people who play a part in your soul’s evolution, good or bad. With extroverts, it’s easier to strike up a conversation or engage because, inherently, it’s who you are. Again, it’s an ENERGY thing!

As an extrovert, you look at the world in these ways: thoughtfully, aware of the world, while reflecting on what it all means, with the ability to express it. What a beautiful gift. –– Nina Zapala, Founder, Spiritual Personality Typing.®

You Prefer to Be In the World: It’s An Energy Thing!

You have a wonderful way of leading, whether it’s a small group, a community, or the collective at hand. In these crazy, chaotic times, extroverts tend to be less overwhelmed by the world. Why? You feel at home in the world as you are deeply connected to it all. You’re more inclined to welcome the physical world and all it offers; the busyness, actions, and engagement with others.

Be an Extrovert and Own Your Truth

OK, I want to be clear about what I speak of here. When I say how to love being an extrovert and own your truth, I’m not saying this from an ego-bravado sense. I’m speaking from a place of fearlessness and purpose. A powerful, passionate, purposeful extrovert who’s so centered in who they really are that they’ve become aligned with the inner soul self and take inspired actions infecting everyone they meet with their Dinvely inspired persona. You ooze positive energy.

You are no longer afraid to be quiet or unbusy and have found a way to reflect before acting. This is when you see extroverts exude passion, excitement, and joy. I’ve experienced this myself. I’ve stepped off the hamster wheel, I don’t feel a need to comment every single time, and I’m OK with saying no. I no longer have to be involved in everything or every activity. It’s so freeing.

Your abundant magnetic energy lives in the possibility of changing worlds, showing up for others, and sharing how beautiful the world is. It’s one of your greatest SUPERPOWERS. ––An excerpt from the upcoming book: 16 Personalities Unpacked: Myers-Briggs Taken An Enlightened Vacation, author Nina Zapala

How to Love Being an Extrovert and Own Your Truth

Have I convinced you, even a little bit, that anything is possible when you own your truth as an extrovert? Well, here are a few real-world extroverts who have found their truth, and now the rest of the world is thrilled to be a part of their incredible worlds:

Enthusiastic Types, ENFP – The world is a better place because of the creativity and humor you give to the world; think Ellen DeGeneres and J.J. Abrams,

Inquisitive Types, ENTP – Your wacky ways, creativity, and playful charm is always unconventional and trying to invent something new; Amy Poehler and Hugh Grant,

Harmonious Types, ENFJ – A beautiful soul who sees the world as a place for true justice and humanitarianism while being quite persuasive, always with the goal of betterment; Bono, Reese Witherspoon, and Rashida Jones,

Assured Types, ENTJ – You teach us all how to show up larger than life, as you have a big personality and big impact; Adele, Katharine Hepburn, and Tea Leoni.

Playful Types, ESFP – Always ready for fun, teaming with passion and originality with sublime sex appeal; Katy Perry, Pink, Nicki Minaj,

Spirited Types, ESTP – The world would be a little sadder without the gifts from these hard-charging, determined freedom seekers; Anna Wintour, Angelina Jolie, and Taylor Swift.

Attentive Types, ESFJ – Nurturers through and through, you hold a big space for your feelings with compassion and understanding; Penelope Cruz, Jennifer Gardner, and Anne Hathaway,

Dutiful Types, ESTJ – The keepers of tradition, the community builders who honor gratitude: the world is a better place because of them, Condoleezza Rice, Michele Obama, Courtney Cox, and Lucy Liu.

Extroversion is an enormously appealing personality style, but we’ve turned it into an oppressive standard to which most of us feel we must conform. –– Author, Susan Cain, Bittersweet

Recap How to be an Extrovert and Own Your Truth

  • It’s all about energy. How are you showing up, reflecting light positively or dulled by negative thinking?
  • Let’s all rise above personality type stereotyping; it’s harmful, agree?
  • Know that one of your superpowers is your immense reserves of energy,
  • As you grow into yourself, you’ll realize the wisdom in quietude, un-busyness, and not being afraid of mission out,
  • How to love being an extrovert and own your truth is found in your TrueSelf, your power, passion, and purpose.
  • A list of celebrity extrovert types who are living their truth matched by 16 personalities
  • Another blog of interest on being true to yourself – click here to read more.


-Breathe deeply and envision what your world would look like if you would live more freely; as you breathe in, commit to taking one baby step today without judging, and as you exhale, let it go to reveal what vision arises. Repeat this throughout the day. It’s a great daily meditation, journal, or creative prompt.

More About the Soul’s Role in Personality Typing

I hope you found “How to be an Extrovert and Own Your Truth?” eye-opening. I’m passionate about introducing the idea of spirit as a component of personality typing.

While the career personality type of the 1950s model is fantastic, as we awaken to our spiritual needs, we must incorporate the gifts of a healthy personality type to align with our signature, Soul Self. When we do this, we express our soul’s intentions through our personality, taking inspired action in all we do. As a result, we show up in the world with great clarity, full of joy, passion, and purpose.

Ready to Release Struggle? 

Are you experiencing a divorce, a career change, or entering into an empty nest season? These are times when critical decision-making skills are needed. It’s not the time to rely solely on another’s opinion. If you do, then they become the author of your impending new life. 

If you want to write your next chapter, you need to be fully in charge and capable of seeing yourself from your True Self. This season in life is often challenging, and it’s why I included the journal prompts above. I hope they nourish the seeds of your personality’s truth.

You Are Not Alone.

Are these questions ruminating in your mind; “Who Am I?” “How Do I Fit Into The World?” “Why Am I Here?” “What About My Dreams and Desires?” Know you are not alone 97% of people desire to know themselves better?

Here’s the thing, 97% want to change, but many of us don’t know how to find ourselves, our truth, and we often live a life based upon untruths. So I want to help you discover your True Self, the WHO of who you really are.

I’m also here for you to walk you through the pain of divorce, career disruptions, and the empty nest phase. To guide you into creating a life beyond your wildest dreams. Are you ready to identify your spiritually inspired personality type to bring about clarity, courage, and confidence? If so, get ready to share your most joyful, passionate, and juicy self with the world.

Learn More About a Relevant New Way to Engage Your Beautiful Personality Type?

Let me introduce you to Spiritual Personality Typing®. It’s a reseeing of Myers-Briggs® through the looking glass of spirituality. I want to help you cultivate your garden of truth. It starts with planting and nourishing seeds of your truth. You must nurture them, be supportive, and love yourself. It’s time to live a beautiful life, one that’s in full bloom, colorful, and that brings joy to you and all who encounter you.

How, you ask?

I provide resources using your personality type traits infused with spiritual know-how to help you clarify who you really are, which leads to enlightened living, chock full of meaning and fulfillment.

I want you to join the 3%’ers community. It’s for those who want to be clear about who they really are; live a dream life on their own terms and in unique ways; their ways.

I’m also here to share the liberating lessons that I learned going through my 7-year life tsunami. So what are you waiting for? It’s time.

Note: I’m a certified Myers-Briggs® instructor with an intuitive side and ready to introduce you to a new paradigm in personality typing supported by a spiritual understanding.

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It’s Time to ReSee Myers-Briggs Through the Looking Glass of Spirituality; – Nina Zapala, the Inquisitive Type, ENTP.

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