Five Truths about Traveling with Extroverts

Sharing the five truths about traveling with extroverts. First, not all extroverts are created alike, and secondly, not all extroverts behave like the energizer bunny.

Take me, for example. I fall right smack dab in the middle of the extrovert/introvert spectrum (51)/ (49), respectively. People don’t know what to make of me. One day I’m all in. The next day I’m at home happily playing the hermit role. Plus, I also try to avoid chit-chat at all costs. But hey, that could be the T’ in me 🙂 sprinkled with maturity.

MBTI® As Relates to Travel

Let’s look at travel personality typing as a revolutionary new approach to travel.

Open your mind, please.

How do Carl Jung, Myers-Briggs®, and David Keirsey, the masters of personality typing, relate to travel? Personality typing has been reserved for boardrooms and workplaces for decades ⏤ but why can’t these same traits, used to create more functional workplaces, wander on over into vacations?

If personality typing identifies traits that are helpful in the workplace, why can’t we use this same theory to help travelers take happier vacations? I’ve been pondering this question for a decade, and I’ve finally stopped second-guessing myself and went ahead and developed 16 travel personality types based on the teachings of Jung, Myers-Briggs®, Keirsey, and others. I’ve studied each type, their traits, perks, and triggers and applied my findings to travel. Hell, I even went back to school and got certified by the Myers & Briggs Foundation.

Stay tuned as I’m publishing a book, Unpack Your Personality: Myers Briggs Takes a Spiritual detour. The book is to help travelers better understand their unique travel personality types. And yes, everyone has a type!

Five Truths About Traveling With Extroverts

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# One

Life opens up when you travel. One of the greatest benefits of vacationing with an extrovert is their sense of learning through discussion and group travel. Extroverts will undoubtedly have a few group tours on their travel itinerary, along with a few classes. Classes bring them a buzzy energy. All that delicious interaction with a variety of people, learning new things and taking action. It leads to blissful moments. An extrovert will probably choose larger classes. The more, the merrier.

Classes that can make it onto their bucketlist:

  • cocktail/cooking classes,
  • art 101,
  • group exercise classes;
  • and you may even spot them playing volleyball with the locals.

# Two

Isn’t travel all about leaving the daily grind behind? An extrovert is well suited to making this happen. They quickly acquire friends; with locals, other travelers, and area shop owners. They jump in and start discussions getting to know people personally, which stems from a genuine interest or an intellectual standpoint. Either way, you can be sure when you leave a place, your extrovert travel buddies will have made a few new friends.

# Three

Have you ever sat at your desk and said to yourself, “I’m so bored with my life?” You won’t be bored traveling with an extrovert. They will try something before they even consider the outcome — never a dull moment. It’s because they crave a lot of different activities and take action and make things happen. They are probably the ones who invented the term; fear of missing out, FOMO.

# Four

Extroverts don’t understand the term stranger, as they’ve never met a person who wasn’t their BFF in a matter of minutes. FYI: Yes, you’ll find unkind people on every corner, and no extroverts won’t engage for long. Extroverts thrive on interacting with locals, and there is no better way to do so than being at a local event, festival, art exhibit, car show, or whatever lively event that is taking place. An extrovert gets animated by the energy of other event-goers, engaging in discussions, shopping, and participating in the many activities offered. Festivals, concerts, and annual gatherings may be popular picks for extroverts.

# Five

Extroverts wander into situations where people gather. Wandering can lead to great travel discoveries as they easily spend time yacking’ it up with a local or another traveler, learning the ins and outs, getting recommendations, and more.

Many moons ago, my son and I were in Paris. I was talking to a local Parisian, OMG SoMe. She told me about this fabulous aftermarket shoe store. I was there in five minutes, and the shoes were amazing and affordable. Yeah, sometimes all of that yacking’ it up with locals, strangers, and other travelers lead to wonderful experiences.

Differences Can Manifest Into Stress

Traveling and personality differences are real and can manifest into stress and anxiety. But, if you understand your travel personality type functions and can communicate why you do what you do in a calm factual manner, differences can become benefits. Or at least you’ll have a better understanding and be able to appreciate the differences.

Instead of seeing your travel mate as a crazed traveler that just won’t stop, maybe you’ll see they are flying high off of the energy around them, and they are soaking up the area in a way that fills their soul. That in itself should bring a smile to your face, knowing that your loved one is happy!

Travel Personality Traits

Vacations can have a deep and meaningful impact on our psyche. It can help with creativity at work and deepen relationships. If we as travelers don’t understand what motivates our own happiness or that of our travel mates, we miss out on the many benefits travel brings because our focus is on the traits that frustrate us vs. traits that benefit us to bring about joyful experiences.

Five Truths about Traveling with an Extrovert

Street Parade in Bali Indonesia: Unsplash

Can you appreciate and realize the benefits of traveling with an extrovert? The five truths about traveling with an extrovert can introduce you to a new way of understanding your travel companions if you’re open to the differences.

Embrace Introverts Desires, Too

If you’re an introvert traveling with an extrovert, why not try a few things but also let your extroverted travel partner know that you will need some downtime? (Extroverts need downtime, too, it just takes them longer to realize.) Go ahead and explain why downtime helps you to recharge, and let them know not to take your solo time personally. 

Making time for reflection is a must for introverts. I have to say, if you are an extrovert, this is a lesson you’ll need to learn, too. Take the time to stop and savor the many lovely people you’ve met, the new foods you’ve tried, and the activities that brought you great pleasure. Reflection can make time away all the more rewarding.

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