How Decisions Can Become Relationship Disruptors

Post in brief how decisions can be relationship disruptors. Many of our choices are made unconsciously based on habits and past experiences. Think about that. How intentional are you when stopping at a red light? Do you think about it, or do you react unconsciously? 

Are you interested in how you make decisions based on your personality type? Every person on the planet has a personality type. I believe personalities are sacred, assigned to us to support our soul’s evolution on the path of self-discovery. If you want to learn more about personality types through the lens of a modern, holistic, spiritual approach, then read on.

How Many Decisions Do We Make in a Day?

Some internet sources say we, as adults, make 35,000 decisions each day. Cornell University states we make 226.7 decisions based on food alone. Let’s remember some decisions are simple, coffee or no coffee. While others are complex and life-changing; stay married or get a divorce. 

Your Personality Effect How You Make Decisions. 

You’ll hear me say your personality typing as an extension of YOU. It’s your relationship with the world assigned to you to help in the development of your higher self. The problem for many of us is we just don’t listen. We’ve gotten sucked into societal constraints, patterns, habits, and beliefs that weren’t ever ours to own. We’ve lost the magic of tapping into an intuitive pull, our unquenchable curiosity, gut instincts, and forgotten insights to make a decision. All of these beautiful attributes are remembered when we start operating from our true Self, which thrives on tapping into the rational and spirit mind.

You Are What You Do, Not What You’ll Say You Do – Carl Jung, Founder of Analytical Psychology

How Different Personality Functions Make Decisions

Extroverts are more likely to 

  • Want to talk it through first 
  • Respond in an energetic way 
  • Start with external data
  • Crave breadth
  • Consider the impact on the collective first 
  • Generally share their thoughts and feelings

Introverts are more likely to 

  • Want to think it through first
  • Respond in a measured way
  • Start with internal data 
  • Crave depth 
  • Consider the impact on themselves first (self-reflective or individually motivated)
  • Share thoughts and feelings carefully

Sensing types are more likely to 

  • Consider the physical world first 
  • Desire concrete data
  • Seek facts and details
  • Value past precedents (introverted sensors)
  • Focus on the present (extroverted sensors)
  • Consider information sequentially

Intuition types are more likely to 

  • Seek the truth (introverted intuitives)
  • Desire abstract or theoretical ideas 
  • Look for patterns, meanings, opportunities, and associations
  • Value novelty, new experiences, people, and places (extroverted intuitives)
  • Anticipate the future 
  • Jump from idea to idea

Thinkers are more likely to 

  • Love to learn, consistently learning (introverted thinkers) 
  • Start with logic 
  • Examine consequences for structures and principles  (extroverted thinkers)
  • Seek to be just 
  • Respond objectively 
  • Challenge first

Feelers are more likely to 

  • Want a motivation
  • Start with values 
  • Will decide considering consequences for relationships and others (extroverted thinking)
  • Seek to be caring (introverted thinkers)
  • Respond personally
  • Accept first

Judgers are more likely to 

  • Are quick to make a decision
  • Expect to make progress 
  • Invite closure 
  • Demonstrate commitment to the agreed-on solution
  • Feel discomfort until a decision is made 
  • Desire certainty

Perceivers are more likely to 

  • Typically postpone decisions thinking there is more
  • Expect time to process 
  • Invite consistent streams of new information 
  • Stay open to changing the solution 
  • May become uncomfortable with rejecting a decision option
  • Desire flexibility

Decisions Based on Typing Only Can Become Relationship Disruptors

There are hundreds of blogs speaking on the topic of decision-making based on Myers-Briggs®. Can you see that by knowing one aspect of yourself, the psychology of personality, without a spiritual component, becomes a mind-only approach? My thoughts are that we, as human beings, must rely on our rational mind and spirit mind to reach our highest potential in life.

Decision Making Is Twofold

It all centers around the true Self – the freedom to be who you really are. It’s a lifelong journey, and along the way are the tiny steps that are taken each day to reveal the “truth” of who you are. You are the I am, created by the DIVINE. The you, that’s imperfect, perfect. The you that isn’t beholden to any person, place, or thing. Yes, this is a tall order because you need to move beyond the five senses and the physical world to begin the journey within. You start daily by asking yourself, “What’s my truth.” And when the answer is revealed, you keep the answer in your heart and make it a new belief. A trusted belief. When you operate from this sense of self, decisions will become more honest.

Shaming and blaming without accountability is toxic to couples, families, organizations, and the community. Brené Brown, best-selling author and professor. 

Disruptive Decisions Cause the Blame Game

If you’re not in touch with both your spiritual side and your personality type, you’re likely to play the blame game. The game calls out another with snarky remarks, “He’s such a jerk; everything always has to be on his terms. Or, they always cry and whine, so I give in to the demands. The blame game continues until you and/or your spouse are both miserable. And honestly, once you realize YOU, you’ll realize that the relationship is two-sided. And you’ll also recognize your partner, like you, maybe making decisions from a false sense of self. This is hard work, but being committed results in a “beautiful you.” It leaves behind disruptive relationship decisions and reveals a more compassionate decision-making process..

How Decisions Can Become Relationship Disruptors

I hope, How Decisions Can Become Relationship Disruptors has revealed a new understanding of how personality typing, when woven with spiritual practices, can give you a deeper look at how your spirit mind when ti works with the rational mind, will manifest Divinely inspired actions. I know this to be true; when the spiritual self aligns with the genuine personality type, decision-making becomes effortless

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Updated: 4.4.2023



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