Do All Human Beings Have a Travel Personality Type?

Do all human beings have travel personality types? Yes. It’s what makes us all alike and oh-so different. Each of the 16 personality typing relies on its own dominant functions in order of usability. How you use your functions explains your response to the outer world and your interactions with others.

Each of the 16 personalities has differing characteristics. Even within your own type, there are opposing traits. You know the saying, ‘opposites attract,” it’s pretty much true. We long to have what we believe we don’t have, looking to another to provide it. When a person’s opposing trait becomes evident after the rose-colored glasses are off, we often find this trait can cause travel triggers, frustration, and much more.

Once you understand how your personality functions relate to the physical world and your inner world, you’ll mutually experience a beautiful, loving gift, a deeper coupling, and connection to who you really are. Happier travel experiences are ahead, as is a more meaningful life.

A Couple: Travel Personality Traits in Action

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Do you have a perceiving trait or a judging trait? These traits influence vacations!

Have you ever received a similar text from a friend that went something like this:

Traveler says, “They are micromanaging the 🤬out of the airport process.”

You Reply: LOL

Traveler says, “OMG, I need a drink.”

You Reply: “Red or white.”

Traveler says, “Honestly, I’m stressed the 🤬over it.”

You Reply: “Sorry, travel can be stressful.”

Traveler says curtly, “I can manage my passport just fine. Don’t they get that I’m a grown-up?”

Has This Ever Happened to You?

I believe it’s happened to all of us at one time or another. I’ve been in the travel industry for decades, and this case scenario is more common than not. Let’s get honest about travel. It’s much more than perfect photos, smiles, and happy families. It’s about real people having real issues. Couples do fight on vacation. I know I did, and I even threatened divorce on my trip; it was that bad. It can never be genuinely transformative if you don’t realistically look at yourself while on vacation.

Traits Influence Vacation Outcomes

Traits influence the way you take a vacation. I know; I’ve been studying personality typing and its impact on travel for more than ten years. I’m not a psychologist, but I’ve made tourism my career for more than 20 years. I’m a great observer, and I have spoken with hundreds of travelers about their experiences and what makes them tick.

As an FYI: My personality type is known as the innovator, so I’ve found a way to unite travel personality typing with a spiritual understanding.

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Embrace the differences. It’s part of the travel journey.


If you’re in a situation with somebody who likes to have things scheduled, systematic and organized, know they behave in this manner to avoid stress. It’s not done to intentionally piss you off or make you want to chug a bottle of wine. It’s done because it’s how they prefer to gather information and make decisions. If you travel with a person who has a judging trait, remember, they love to organize, schedule and plan. So LET THEM!

A question to ponder, if you know this about your travel mate, does it make it easier for you to accept their way of living in the world; orderly, controlled, structured. You may even find compassion for their behaviors and thank GOD that you aren’t like them because it’s not your truth, but it is theirs. Come on now; you have to agree that sometimes their methods are the best course of action. Go ahead, ADMIT IT!


I’m guessing the traveler who’s gone a bit bat 🤬crazy in a fun way has a perceiving travel personality trait. These are the travelers who prefer flexibility, spontaneity, and are go-with-the-flow types. They are OK with not sticking to a rigid schedule, and if a plan drops off while on vacation, they can quickly move on.

A traveler with a judging trait would be like, OH NO, this is so WRONG. And they typically freak out a bit when a plan doesn’t unfold as it should. Can you see why you fall for a romantic partner, a travel type, that is opposite to your own? You can console them, letting them know that everything is going to be just fine, the plan had a hiccup, but it’s OK. And if you’re feeling really generous, you could make their day and ask them to conceive another plan.

If they’re an extrovert, they’ll do a happy dance and create a new schedule, while introverts will smile knowingly and start quietly planning.

Travel Personalities and Their Influence on Travel

Can you see how travel personalities can affect vacations? Traits, functions, and characteristics are a part of us all. Most of our differences are related to different traits and where they fall in your functional stack, which I believe are more circular versus linear. More on this later.

What’s Your Travel Personality

The idea behind spiritual personality typing is to nudge the awakening process gently. Why not open yourself up and learn about your travel personality characteristics before hitting Insta, TripAdvisor, or Google to plan a vacation? Why are you traveling? Is it joyful, happy, and soul-feed? If it isn’t, then stay tuned.

Go Ahead, Travel Differently, and Be Transformed By it All!

I want to help you look at travel in a revolutionary new way. My thinking is vacationing should be about changing your life in small ways, about growth, creativity, and the stimulation of new ideas. What if travel personality typing can show you new ways to be in the world.

I’ve been given a great gift, the gift of travel personality typing, and I can’t wait for you to dive into personality typing with a spiritual understanding. I believe it will revolutionize the way you travel forever.

Join The Movement

Will you join me on this journey? I believe spiritual personality typing is Divinely timed. It’s a relevant new tool to assist those who aspire to ascend during the great awakening we are all experiencing. So let me ask, are you ready to learn more about who you really are to illuminate your TrueSelf?

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