Are Old Beliefs Sabotaging Your Personal Growth?

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Are old beliefs sabotaging your personal growth? Unfortunately, I believe many of us self-sabotage daily. We’ve become confused in an over-communicated world that tells us how to behave, what to wear, and how to think… Oh, and let’s not forget all of our childhood and relationship experiences and how they, too, have dramatically influenced us. […]

Best Halloween Costumes Ideas For Your Personality Type

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Happy Halloween! Best Halloween costumes for your personality type, well, OK, you know you better than me, but this list could be a great place to start. Forget staid career typology analysis and instead think Halloween fun and costume ideas. It is time to show off your true self, your authentic personality. Let us tell […]

15 Inspirational Journal Prompts to an Awakened You!

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Aah, 15 inspirational journal prompts to an awakened you were crafted to help you explore you, examine old wounds, and dare dream. Wondering where to start, I’ve got you covered. Review the 15 thought-provoking questions below. Grab a pen and paper and dig in. Recognize we live in a dualistic world, so as you start […]