How to Discover the Soul’s Role in Personality Typing to Rediscover You

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How to discover the soul’s role in personality typing to rediscover you is the path you must take to figure out who you really are. I can honestly tell you I figured out how to bridge 1940s personality typing with a spiritual point of view. As this idea emerged it made me see personality typing […]

Extroverts and Introverts Get Stressed Because of Energy Flow?

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Extroverts and introverts get stressed because of energy flow. And in these pandemic times living under one roof for extended periods exaggerates the differences. Stress may become a driving force in the everyday. If you’re living with an opposite, an extrovert with an introvert, or an introvert with an extrovert, which is often the case […]

How to Love More and Stress Less During Quarantine

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How to love more and stress less during quarantine is about unpacking your personality. This post looks at romantic coupling through the lens of personalities. We as humans are naturally drawn to people who share opposite personality traits. For example, an extrovert typically seeks an introvert; a judging type seeks a perceiver. People are drawn […]