20 of the Best Fall Weekend Getaways for Introverts

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Head out of town for a weekend getaway – sans the crowds! The questions: 20 of the best fall weekend getaways for introverts, just updated. A 2022 Tripadvisor report states this fall, 60% of travelers will take leaf-peeping vacations versus 54% last year. Many places across the US have been highly publicized as the best […]

Couples: How to Avoid Ugly Fighting On Vacation

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Have you ever experienced ugly fighting on vacation with your partner? You know what I mean, red-faced screaming, batting insults like a rapid-fire game of ping-pong? Or, even worse, creating a dramatic scene? Do you dread traveling with your husband/wife because all you do is fight? Have ‘couple trips’ become stressful? I wonder, are couples […]

Labor Day The Best Trip Tips for Introvert Travelers

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Labor Day is right around the corner. You, as an introvert traveler, maybe thinking do I want to travel or stay put? Would you rather skip the holiday altogether; the crowds, the traffic, and crazy that comes with the end of summer travel? Here’s a trip tip. No matter when you travel; do the opposite […]

Memorial Day Weekend 2019 – Mayhem!

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Memorial Day Weekend 2019 is right around the corner, and you’ll probably find introverts running for the hills trying to avoid the 43 million American who are hitting the road this holiday weekend. Have you read the AAA Magazine Memorial Day forecast? It appears every year like clockwork and informs travelers on what to expect […]

Introverts Why Your Next Vacation Should Be to a State Park

Summer is around the corner, and travel headlines suggest visiting national parks. Introverts may want to consider state park vacations for a variety of reasons. Keep reading for travel tips and more. Now don’t get me wrong, I love national parks. Did you know there are 419 official National Park Service units in the United States, […]