Many Reasons To Be Grateful For Your Personality Type?

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Many reasons to be grateful for your personality type a post about how fabulous you are. The time has come to awaken and see yourself from a new perspective. When you let your logical mind rely on your spiritual senses, you have access to the infinite possibilities available within. Remember who you are – a […]

33 Ways to Love Your Personality

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33 Ways to Love Your Personality is an illuminating read. It highlights many different ways to love yourself. Enjoy your personality type as the beautiful gift it’s intended to be – a supportive spiritual tool to help you define your sacred purpose, totally in alignment with your truth! Yes, we are here to fall in […]

10 Ways to Be Less Anxious this Holiday Season

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10 Ways to Be Less Anxious this Holiday Season offers tips to help you de-stress and keep that high-vibing energy. Is your holiday to-do list overwhelming, and just thinking about it brings feelings of overwhelm? Is your mind swirling with thoughts? You are thinking I should have the tree up, the shopping done, the invitations […]

Personality Typing: A Tool On the Path of Transformation

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A look at personality typing as a tool on the path of transformation will help you understand a revolutionary new approach: personality typing with a spiritual understanding. This new paradigm helps you to answer life’s most pressing questions. It brings you clarity and illuminates your life potential. Your sacred personality will dial you into the […]