Unlock the Impact of Soulful Quotes on Your Personality Type

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Unlock the impact of soulful quotes on your personality type. A new blog offers 30 inspiring quotes to bring a new perspective into your life by focusing on quotes that speak to you to help you know yourself better. Have you ever wondered why one quote sticks while others fall away? You’ll learn why and […]

Could a Person Have More than One Personality Type?

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Could a person have more than one personality type? What do you think? (Please know I speak of Myers-Briggs©️ typing here exclusively) Recently on a podcast, I was asked, could I have two personality types? The host believed her personality type in college was vastly different than her personality type of today. As we began […]

How To Unpack Yourself to be Unforgettable

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How to unpack yourself to be unforgettable is the realization you are Divinity expressing itself through your personality type! WOW. Let that sink in. You are here for a Divine reason. FACT. Your wounds gave your wisdom. FACT. You have a meaningful purpose. FACT. Your personality is assigned to you, FACT. Your persona is perfectly […]

There’s a New Personality Type In Town

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There’s a new personality type in town. It’s spiritually based and welcomes the role of the soul. It supports your soul self, leading you down the road to your True Self, the truth of you. It prompts you to discover The WHO of Who You Are. It’s uber relevant in today’s crazy world. As many […]

Inspirational Travel Because It’s What Your Soul Needs?

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Inspirational travel it’s what you need right now? Yes, pleeese! I can only speak for myself, but I will not travel any other way from this day forward. Over the past two decades, I’ve been witnessing a trend. Herds of people go to the same place disrupting local communities, and it’s not fun: in fact, […]