10 Ways to Be Less Anxious this Holiday Season

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10 Ways to Be Less Anxious this Holiday Season offers tips to help you de-stress and keep that high-vibing energy. Is your holiday to-do list overwhelming, and just thinking about it brings feelings of overwhelm? Is your mind swirling with thoughts? You are thinking I should have the tree up, the shopping done, the invitations […]

16 Remarkable Ways Travel Awakens Your Personality

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Sixteen remarkable ways travel awakens your personality—a look at each type and how travel can bring about self-awareness while tapping into the true Self. What if travel acts as a reflection of your personality, your personal reality, while on vacation? Have you ever had a travel moment that took your breath away? Maybe the sheer […]

Could a Person Have More than One Personality Type?

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Could a person have more than one personality type? What do you think? (Please know I speak of Myers-Briggs©️ typing here exclusively) Recently on a podcast, I was asked, could I have two personality types? The host believed her personality type in college was vastly different than her personality type of today. As we began […]

How to Love Being an Extrovert Own Your Truth

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How to love being an extrovert and own your truth? First, acknowledge your energy which you exude tenfold. It is all about energy flow, and when you operate from your truth, you have the power to change cultures, start a movement, and move mountains; think Reese Witherspoon, Michelle Obama, and Taylor Swift. You probably don’t […]