Would Your Personality Type Love Chattanooga?

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Would Your Personality Type Love Chattanooga, Tennessee? Maybe the better question is, does your personality type flow with the city? For so many of us, we get so busy doing, planning, and Googling we leave ourselves out of the travel equation. Big Mistake.   I think food, culture, people and landscape are all absolutely inseparable. […]

16 Remarkable Ways Travel Awakens Your Personality

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Sixteen remarkable ways travel awakens your personality—a look at each type and how travel can bring about self-awareness while tapping into the true Self. What if travel acts as a reflection of your personality, your personal reality, while on vacation? Have you ever had a travel moment that took your breath away? Maybe the sheer […]

Fall A Beautiful Season for Renewal

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Fall is a beautiful season for renewal. It’s a time to re-see yourself, regardless of your personality type, to celebrate Mother Nature’s colorful call to let go. Forests magically flip a switch; turning their leaves from emerald green to butterscotch yellows, crimson reds, and fiery oranges. It’s the time of year when the mountains invite […]