Which Personality Types Have an Edge Feelers or Thinkers?

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Which types have an edge, feelers or thinkers? I answer this question from an academic and spiritual perspective, giving you a crystal-clear look at these traits from both the physical and non-physical. My belief: When you take an intuitive approach in dealing with feeling and thinking traits, it speeds up the journey to the true […]

How to Use Personality Preferences to Build Trust: Part One

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How to use personality preferences to build trust is another step on the path of finding your true self.   What is trust, and why is it so important? Trust is a reliance or confidence, a firm belief in another’s character, an unseen value between two people or within a culture. Today, trust is being […]

Making Travel Choices Are You a Thinker or Feeler?

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Making travel choices, are you a thinker or a feeler? These cognitive functions are your persona’s decision-making tools. I ask this because these decision-making traits because there is a big difference between these traits when two or more people travel together. How you make decisions can positively or negatively influence vacation outcomes for yourself and your […]