20 of the Best Fall Weekends for Extroverts

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20 of the best fall weekends for extroverts, a newly updated travel post for extroverts. This post is chock full of travel ideas, tips, and fun ways to say yes to fall. It’s time to look up and delight in the season. Fall is about crisp days, a rainbow of fall foliage, and a great […]

20 of the Best Fall Weekend Getaways for Introverts

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Head out of town for a weekend getaway – sans the crowds! The questions: 20 of the best fall weekend getaways for introverts, just updated. A 2022 Tripadvisor report states this fall, 60% of travelers will take leaf-peeping vacations versus 54% last year. Many places across the US have been highly publicized as the best […]

How to Avoid Vacation Option Overload and Travel Happier

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Do you suffer from vacation option overload? How can you avoid it? How can you make your travel experiences happier? These are questions I’m going to attempt to answer. An NOPE, I don’t have all the answers, but I do hope you’ll find this post stimulates new thinking. Avoid Vacation Option Overload Love it or […]

Extroverts and Introverts How to Travel Happier this Fall?

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Extroverts and introverts, how to travel happier this fall? Our differences are like the changing colors of autumn leaves. But what if you could travel with people who aren’t like-minded? Travel that is expansive and broadens perspectives? What if I could help you find ways to do this? Are you ready for more expansive fall […]