Extroverts and Introverts How to Travel Happier this Fall?

Extroverts and introverts, how to travel happier this fall? Our differences are like the changing colors of autumn leaves. But what if you could travel with people who aren’t like-minded? Travel that is expansive and broadens perspectives? What if I could help you find ways to do this? Are you ready for more expansive fall getaways?

First, understand your life experiences expand your personality type beyond the personality box the world has put you in! It’s why I suggest that when someone proclaims oh they’re an extrovert they are going to be like… STOP. You don’t know what their truth is. I’ve met introverts who grew up in extroverted families and can be mistaken for an extrovert. Their life experiences manifested a more outgoing nature to their persona, regardless of their cognitive abilities. 

A profound awareness to learn and hold deep within your heart. We all have strengths and weaknesses it is the paradox of life. When you know this, not only does it benefit you, but you will have more compassion and understanding for others.  Wow, sheds a whole new light on traveling with people who are different, doesn’t it?

First, A Question for Extroverts

Do you welcome the outer world when you travel?

The Answer

If you answered yes to this question, it tells me a lot about your travel personality. You’re probably an extrovert, and you travel very differently from an introvert. You seek action, people, and excitement and are often OK with tourism-created places. You may even lead a merry band of travelers on a grand adventure you concocted to make your vacation even more fun. Please keep in mind this blog post speaks in generalities. Know there are eight unique extrovert travel types, all with very different travel personalities, and likewise for introverts. Please be aware your life experiences expand your personality type beyond the personality box the world has put you in!

Extrovert Travel Why’s For Happier Fall Travel

You welcome the external world, it’s your reality. Here are a few travel ‘isms related to the behaviors of an extrovert traveler.

Talking Their Way To Nirvana

Have you ever traveled with an extrovert and marveled how they can talk their way into anything? Oh, and you typically know what they’re thinking because they talk out loud. You’ve been driving in circles for an hour now, and the extrovert is chatting up a solution; “Maybe we need to turn back, turn left, keep going, I don’t see it on my app… Extroverts exhibit this talkative behavior because, for them, speaking out loud is actually thinking out loud. It helps them determine the value of their thoughts. Now that you know, can you have more tolerance?

Feels Right at Home

Even during a vacation, extroverts will feel at home because they enjoy interacting with the physical world. The more people they encounter, the more attractive they’ll find a place. Plus, variety for the most part stimulates extroverted travelers. If you are an introvert or an extrovert who is highly introverted regular shut-downs are necessary. Don’t try and please others with being on, thinking that’s what they want. Take time for stillness. Don’t worry your extroverted travel mates will figure something out.  


    Extroverts need social interaction, activities, and the excitement of new information to stay energized and engaged. A few things to know: 

    • If you are traveling with an extrovert, they relish involvement, and activity and are most excited to be around people. And don’t take it personally when they get stuck in a situation for too long. They’ll want to move on, as they get bored, which may entail a solo, side trip to keep them happy.

    • Many extroverts fear disapproval seeing it as a critic, which can make them defensive or cranky. You may witness this in real time while on vacation. This awareness brings truth, and the extrovert must evaluate them. Especially, true if the person doling out the advice matters. If so, it’s time for a chat!


    A Question for Introverts

    Do you welcome the outer world when you travel?

    The Answer

    If you answered yes to this question, it tells me a lot about your travel personality. You’re an introvert, and you travel very differently from an extrovert. You desire slow travel, strolling, flâneuring, or forest bathing.  Crowds, tourism-created destinations, and over-peopling are so not your thing. Small-town vibes are. Please keep in mind this blog post speaks in generalities. Know there are eight unique introvert travel types, all with very different travel personalities, and likewise for extroverts. Please be aware your life experiences expand your personality type beyond the personality box the world has put you in! 

    An Introvert Travel Why’s For Happier Fall Travel

    You welcome your internal world, it’s your reality. Here are a few travel ‘isms related to the behaviors of introverted travelers.

    Calming Their Way To Nirvana

    I believe, and I could be wrong, but my client work and my many introverted friends realize the therapeutic benefits of travel. You naturally go to stillness even when the world is spinning out of control, it’s your inner way of being that somehow stops the madness. Especially true if you are not connected to anyone or anything, it’s just you wandering through a place. Please don’t let anyone rush you, if they need to wander ahead, then so be it. You can catch up later and share about your different journeys.

    Self Discovery

    Introverts are likely to relish time spent outdoors. One of my favorite activities is forest bathing. A Japanese term for long, reflective walks in the forest. To reflect, stroll, and take time to enjoy the stillness that’s found deep in the woods, among a canopied forest, and the beautiful critters that call it home. There is no better time than fall to explore this activity. Just make sure you avoid the touristy fall escapes. You won’t enjoy the crowds and it won’t be relaxing.


    Introverts do not rely on the external world for stimulation and energy. Instead, they rely on the inner world of reflection, stillness, and slowing down, fuel for the soul. Here are a few fascinating aspects of an introvert:  

    • Often the external world is overstimulating, and it may not resonate with an introvert’s complex inner reality. They may come upon an introvert who you believe to be an extrovert. Why? Some introverts find it easier to control the conversation, which allows them to skip the back-and-forth chit-chat that wears them out.
    • Many introverts are reflective and reserved and find fitting into the outer world exhausting. WHY? The external world is not their first choice their inner world is! They are often protective of your energy, and discerning, so taking a time out while away it’s important. A side note: introverts need alone time but not from their loved ones, unlike an extrovert. Once they let someone in, they can spend all their time with this person. Sometimes, they even get lonely when they’re a person or when “their people” aren’t around. Unlike the extrovert, who needs time to pursue meeting new peeps!

    Trip Ideas for Extroverts and Introverts to Travel Happier this Fall

    Talk with your travel partner, family, or friends about your introvert/extrovert preferences before planning a fall trip. Once you understand one another, you can better narrow your travel search, which we all know has become a ginormous undertaking. Knowing your own and other’s travel perks and triggers can make for a more joyful and memorable trip.

    • An introvert may consider a beach destination for a good reason; many beaches aren’t popular this time of year. The popular fall foliage season is in full swing, and most travelers opt for leaf-peeping. Tip: Consider a beach destination that’s livelier if you are traveling with an extrovert; essential for happiness. More exciting beaches offer extroverts plenty of choices, yet these beaches are typically less crowded this time of year.


    • An extrovert will be excited and ready to share a top-ten list of the best places to leaf-peep as a planning guide. The introvert is saying NO! But wait, what if you pick a few similar places not on a top-ten list? For extroverts, make sure the chosen destination has a variety of experiences and chances to socialize. Yet also consider secluded spots for your introverted family and friends to unwind.


    • Season fall festivals are huge. Yes, there are giant festivals that an extrovert would adore, but there are also mid-scale festivals that can be just as exciting. Many introverts can handle a mid-size festival if they schedule time for stillness and reflection. While an introvert takes time out, the extrovert can engage in a few additional peopling activities. Is this a compromise you both can agree upon?


    Extroverts and Introverts How to Travel Happier this Fall?

    I hope you find this post on, extroverts, and introverts and how to travel happier this fall helpful. And if you missed last week’s blog on fall renewal, dive in as it’s chockful of affirmations, journal prompts, and mantras. You know action steps to keep you on the road to reinvention. These posts are a sneak peek into my book Unpack Your Personality: Let Your Inner Guide Be Your Travel Guide. Travel. It’s a personalized travel guidebook. It’s a self-discovery read. It teaches a new personality paradigm; spiritual personality typing, uber relevant for today’s transformative times. The core premise is to discover your true self.

    Please know, that I curate these posts to be meaningful and educational to help you navigate the needs of your sacred personality type on the road and beyond. Feel free to contact me if you desire a 1:1 travel session to explore your unique travel personality type.


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