A New Year A New Approach To Personality Typing

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A new year a new approach to personality typing is a post for those who desire to know their true selves, and believe that travel can be the ideal classroom to explore the deeper spiritual aspects of yourself. I think travel can be the best classroom to explore the larger part of yourself, the nonphysical […]

How To Be The Authentic Introvert Think Traits

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How to be the authentic introvert think traits. WHAT? Yes, I know you’ve been told to believe you are just an introvert, but you’re not. I know it’s a new way to think, but I want you to know you are not just an INTROVERT. You do, however, possess definitive introverted cognitive functions. These patterns, […]

Six Initial Steps to Find Purpose In Your Life

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Six initial steps to find purpose in your life were based on the question I asked my intuitive coach, Mary Roach, back in January 2020. She’s fantastic and aligned with Edgar Cayce. She’s the real deal. Her response to my questions was, “Nina, you’re a visionary.” She said, “You communicate your visions and ideas through […]