7 Ways to Start Unpacking Your Fearful Ego-Personality?

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How do you know you’re living from a fearful, ego-personality? There are tell-tell signs. We’re going to look at these, plus the 7 ways to start unpacking your fearful ego-personality. Did you know, most of us operate from a fearful ego-personality? UGH! We step into adulthood with this personality, packed neatly and undisturbed. Why? It’s […]

Are Old Beliefs Sabotaging Your Personal Growth?

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Are old beliefs sabotaging your personal growth? Unfortunately, I believe many of us self-sabotage daily. We’ve become confused in an over-communicated world that tells us how to behave, what to wear, and how to think… Oh, and let’s not forget all of our childhood and relationship experiences and how they, too, have dramatically influenced us. […]

Seven Ways to Live an Authentic Life

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Seven ways to live an authentic life are mindfulness tools to help me stay connected to my soul’s intentions. Remember, intentions come from your spiritual senses, the 6th sense, beyond your physical five purposes. The key is to have a healthy personality type, to allow inspired intentions to shine through. For several decades I worked […]

How To Unpack Your Authentic Self to Be Remarkably Happy

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How to unpack your authentic self to be remarkably happy is about accepting your TrueSelf, the good, bad, and ugly ⏤ what makes you irreplaceably you, without needing to compete, compare or beg for approval. A New Fun Way To Unpack Your Stinky Laundry How many of us rush through unpacking or ignore it altogether. […]