An Interesting Perspective On Slow Travel

alt="Nicole the Attentive Traveler"

An Interesting Perspective On Slow Travel explores the intersection between spiritual personality typing, intentional travel and slow travel. It’s a fascinating study of how different personality types choose to experience slow travel.  I’m a huge fan of intentional or conscious travel getaways. I’ve seen how unconscious and unhealthy cognitive functions often lead travelers to make […]

How to Travel Like a Kid This Summer?

alt="Travel Like a kid a flamingo raft awaits.

How to travel like a kid this summer starts with remembering what it feels like to be a kid again? What if the kid within could trigger what the eyes can’t see — what the heart knows you to be  (playful, happy-go-lucky, curious, unabashedly you) the force of nature you truly are? Have we become so rigid […]