Want to Know How to Travel Like a Kid This Summer?

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Want to know how to travel like a kid this summer. It all starts with remembering what it “feel” like to travel like a kid? What if the kid within could trigger what the eyes can’t see, but what the heart knows you to be; the genuine you, the true Self?  Have we become so […]

Vacation Planning: Do You or Don’t You?

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A recent article in the Washington Post spoke to the idea of wandering vs. vacation planning. The writer went on to say, he’d been a dedicated vacation planner, to the point he needed a “vacation from his vacation.” Does this resonate with you or do you think NO WAY, I gotta have a plan? How to Ditch […]

How to Plan a Vacation Based on Your Personality Type?

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It All Depends on Your Personality Type? A recent article in the New York Times entitled: “To Reduce Travel Stress, Plan Less.” An article with travel tips on how not planning a vacation may mean less stress while on holiday. My phone lit up as my “SJ” traveling friends were like, OH HELL NO~ this […]

Brené Brown Nails Unpack Your Personality©️

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Brené Brown nails Unpack Your Personality©️ in her new Netflix documentary, the Call to Courage. She gets into travel personality explaining CJT’s, her term for Come to Jesus (CTJ) talks before the family leaves for vacation. Here’s the story. Brené’s busy packing books, as the family heads off to Disney. Her husband looks over at […]