Labor Day The Best Trip Tips for Introvert Travelers

alt=" Bainbridge Island a great escape for an Introvert Traveler - photo of the island."

Labor Day is right around the corner. You, as an introvert traveler, maybe thinking do I want to travel or stay put? Would you rather skip the holiday altogether; the crowds, the traffic, and crazy that comes with the end of summer travel? Here’s a trip tip. No matter when you travel; do the opposite […]

Transformational Travel + Travel Personality Typing

alt="transformational travel & personality typing sometimes means retreating."

Have you ever taken a trip, yearning for transformational travel but you followed the rules and returned home, feeling thoroughly disappointed? Do family, friends, and social norms drive your travel itinerary? Where’s the YOU in that? This is where travel personality comes into play. I remembered an association business trip and was like UGH for […]

Brené Brown Nails Unpack Your Personality©️

alt="Brené Brown Nails Whats Your Travel Personality"

Brené Brown nails Unpack Your Personality©️ in her new Netflix documentary, the Call to Courage. She gets into travel personality explaining CJT’s, her term for Come to Jesus (CTJ) talks before the family leaves for vacation. Here’s the story. Brené’s busy packing books, as the family heads off to Disney. Her husband looks over at […]

Five Essential Tips to help Introverts Avoid Travel Stress

alt="Five Essential Travel Tips for Introvert Overload - an uncrowded beach makes the list."

The five essential travel tips to help introverts avoid travel stress will help ease overwhelm and make for happier vacation experiences for everyone involved. Trust ME. Introverts, like extroverts, are happier on vacations that lean into places, plans, and activities that feed and energize their introverted desires. Five Essential Travel Tips to help Introvert Avoid […]