How To Unpack Your Personality Type

alt="Woman unpacking here personality type on the road.

How to unpack your personality type for a happier you and a happier vacation? It begins before you start a paralyzing Google search on where to stay, play, and go. Before you get into Googling it, stop and take time to set travel intentions. Here’s what I know. I’ve spoken with hundreds of travelers who […]

16 Remarkable Ways Travel Awakens Your Personality

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Sixteen remarkable ways travel awakens your personality—a look at each type and how travel can bring about self-awareness while tapping into the true Self. What if travel acts as a reflection of your personality, your personal reality, while on vacation? Have you ever had a travel moment that took your breath away? Maybe the sheer […]

New Orleans a City for Sensing Personality Types

alt="Rue Bourbon Street Sign New Orleans."

New Orleans, a city for sensing personality types, is a great vacation option, especially if you’re an extroverted sensor. New Orleans, otherwise known as Bourbon Street, The Big Easy, The Crescent City, or Nola, whatever nickname you give it, is a sensory-driven town. It’s a landmark city in the USA, tucked away on the shores […]

A New Travel Paradigm that’s Good For the Soul

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A new travel paradigm that is good for the soul centers around asking different questions and helping you do travel differently. The question many of us ask, ‘Where do I want to go.” But maybe the better question to ask is, “What does my soul need and how can my travel personality support this need?” […]