How to Travel Like a Kid This Summer?

alt="Travel Like a kid a flamingo raft awaits.

How to travel like a kid this summer starts with remembering what it feels like to be a kid again? What if the kid within could trigger what the eyes can’t see — what the heart knows you to be  (playful, happy-go-lucky, curious, unabashedly you) the force of nature you truly are? Have we become so rigid […]

How to Plan a Vacation Based on Your Personality Type?

alt="Vacation Planning Map With Car"

It All Depends on Your Personality Type? A recent article in the New York Times entitled: “To Reduce Travel Stress, Plan Less.” An article with travel tips on how not planning a vacation may mean less stress while on holiday. My phone lit up as my “SJ” traveling friends were like, OH HELL NO~ this […]