7 Secrets for Happier Vacations Traveling With Different Personality Types

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Seven secrets for happier vacations while traveling with different personality types is about knowing which friends and lovers are compatible and which aren’t. What’s the secret? How do you find compatible travel mates? Pssst … the Secrets are Revealed Below You need to know your friend’s personality type, perks, and travel triggers. Once you know […]

Labor Day The Best Trip Tips for Introvert Travelers

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Labor Day is right around the corner. You, as an introvert traveler, maybe thinking do I want to travel or stay put? Would you rather skip the holiday altogether; the crowds, the traffic, and crazy that comes with the end of summer travel? Here’s a trip tip. No matter when you travel; do the opposite […]

A Hidden Surprise on the Gulf, Ocean Springs, Mississippi

alt="Kudzu candles available at Coastal Magpies, Ocean Springs, Mississippi for these locally made candles."

Towering oak trees draped in Spanish moss welcome visitors to Ocean Springs, Mississippi. The town oozes southern charm. Add in mom and pop stores around every corner and a slower pace of life, and you have a recipe for an authentic southern vacation. Eastern Shore of Biloxi Bay Ocean Springs, located on Mississippi’s Gulf Coast, […]