Implement These Practical Mindset Tips for a Happier Thanksgiving

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Implement these practical mindset tips for a happier Thanksgiving, to reduce stress, increase understanding, and maybe make Aunt Mary’s pumpkin pie taste all the better.😉 The Thanksgiving season is upon us. A season of gratitude, giving thanks, and spending quality time with family and friends. What typically unfolds: Do these statistics resonate? According to the […]

How To Overcome Packing Anxiety?

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How to overcome packing anxiety? Do you think you have it? If so, you’re not alone as 49% of travelers, have it? If you answered YES, you might have a perceiving trait? Are you wondering what a perceiving trait means? Click here for more on personality typing, a revolutionary approach to travel to help unveil […]

Mobile Alabama: Mardis Gras

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Mobile, Alabama is a charming city, an intimate Mardi Gras Mecca, and oh-so-welcoming. One of the most surprising aspects about Mobile is their dedication to Mardi Gras, it starts in January and doesn’t stop until March 5. What I found to be so exciting is Mobile’s Mardi Gras is kid-friendly. The crowds are manageable. Yes, […]