Alys Beach, Florida: A Travel Feast for The Eyes

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.Alys Beach, Florida, is tucked along hip Highway 30A, nestled in Florida’s northwestern Panhandle. Visitors will instantly realize they are being transported into the artistic, mystical world of Alys Beach as bleached-white butteries (used to store perishable dairy products) welcome guests. The iconic butteries and skyscraping palm-lined streets introduce travelers to a resort town like […]

Sunscreens Poison or Protector?

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Stop killing ocean reefs, do good use eco-friendly sunscreens. So what’s all the hoopla about sunscreens? Beyond the vitamin D debate, did you know the harmful ingredients are included in sunscreens wreaking havoc on coral reefs worldwide? Well, let’s take a closer look at the sunscreen effect. The Sunscreen Effect: Poisons or Protective? The International […]