Top 10 Spring Break Getaways for Introverts

In brief: Top 10 spring break getaways for introverts to unpack your personalty for highly personalized experiences. I’m feeling the eye-rolling vibe 🙄 from introverts everywhere. Is it because spring breaks are typically associated with large crowds, loud parties, and long lines? I’ve found a few places where you’ll be able to skip the crowds, noise, and chaos, for the most part. Start packing, oh, and don’t forget to pack a good book and a journal if you’re inclined.

Please understand I know that all introverts are not alike. We all have our life stories, childhood, and life’s tsunamis to contend with. Knowing this, I’ve crafted a varied list for spontaneous types and for those who prefer hands-on escapes. One thing I think most introverts can agree less is more: fewer crowds, less noise, less busyness, well, you get the idea.

With An Eye on the Coronavirus

FYI: I’m sticking to the U.S. due to restrictions about the Coronavirus. Better to be safe than sorry. Take precautions. Be aware. And if you know you have a compromised immune system, stay put. Trust your gut; if you get a yes answer, go, and have fun.

Top 10 Spring Break Getaways for Introverts

Eastern U.S.

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Folk Art at Village of the Arts – Divine Excess – You just gotta stop because it is Divine

Wilmington, Delaware – If you’re looking for a European-style escape, choose Chateau Country, a place to appreciate old-world luxury. Grand mansions dot the countryside; a few have been home to the DuPont family for generations. Today, many of these spectacular homes and their stunning gardens are open to visitors. Introverts will relish garden strolls and a glimpse into a world of splendor and beauty. Stay at the Inn at Montchanin, a collection of charming small cabins perfect to hold up for an afternoon of reading.

Great Smoky Mountains National Park, is an area stretching from North Carolina into Tennessee, with 533,427 acres. Dang, that’s a lot of hiking! Spring is wildflower season, the perfect time for a hike or a canopied picnic surrounded by the gifts of Mother Nature. Book an Airbnb, rent a cabin, or enjoy a glamping getaway. The PARK is the perfect place to find alone, a time for reflection and solitude.

Bradenton, Florida – A secret beach town nestled between Tampa and Sarasota. Bradenton offers ten gorgeous beaches, a walkable riverfront, and a throwback, Florida downtown. The Manatee and Braden rivers are perfect for quiet mornings or late afternoon canoe trips. These rivers also have namesake parks to visit. Stay at Londoner; it’s located in a cool neighborhood on the edge of the riverfront. Park the car and walk to markets, restaurants, shopping, and more. P.S. My bestie is an introvert, and she loves the area.

Midwest U.S.

Gruene Texas

Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas – This is a surprising getaway; it may be your place, especially if you’re a lover of art deco. Add in Hot Springs National Park with its glorious hiking trails, thermal bathing facilities, and a spa-like vibe without the walls. Also, note the area offers lakes galor, art around every corner, museums, and hundreds of miles of biking trails. Where to stay? There are plenty of chain hotels for those who prefer expected and ordered amenities. For those who enjoy the flow, and more creative stays, opt for a historic, grand visit to Arlington Resort Hotel & Spa, book a lakeside overnight at Country Lake Inn, or try Happy Mellow Hotel. 

Texas Hill Country, located 30 minutes west of Austin, offers a variety of small-town to-do’s. Investigate Dripping Springs, which is home to the Distillery District, where you can sip on local brews, spirits, and wines. Then head to Hamilton Pool Preserve, and make a reservation to explore these crystal blue waters and a 50-foot waterfall. Gruene is oh-so introvertesque. The entire town is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. This is a place for strolling the day away. The historic district is decidedly upcountry. Be awed at the 19-century brick storefronts. And if you’re so inclined, pull up a chair and enjoy local and national artists performing at Gruene Hall. The Hall’s been around since 1878. Since I’m not sure where you’ll land in the Texas Hill Country, you can opt to stay in Austin. It’s about an hour out, or check out this website for more ideas. 

Elkader, Iowa – If you’re looking for a peaceful escape, Elkader might be a consideration. I’m sure it’s not an accessible fly-in destination, but it’s a road trip waiting to happen. The Turkey River is the area’s centerpiece and an excellent place to canoe or try whitewater rafting. The Elkader River Walk is a picture-perfect walk connecting downtown Elkader to City Park and George Maier Rural Heritage Center. If you’re a fan of history, the area has 11 sites on the National Register of Historic Places and an Opera House to boot! All in all, I think you’ll find the area to be recreationally alive and historically preserved, plus it offers many modern amenities sans the crowds. The city is home to intimate stays.

Western U.S.

Sundial Bridge Redding California

Eugene, Oregan, Is called the Emerald City due to its dense forest populations. It’s a small town and doesn’t have the hustle and bustle that Portland is becoming known for. The city’s vibe is laid back whether you visit a local winery or an organic farm. Hit up the Saturday Market, or better yet, attend bluegrass or a gypsy folk show at Sam Bond’s Garage. Eat dinner at Grit or Rye to discover the cuisine of the Pacific Northwest; locally-sourced, farm-to-table ethos. Tube down the Willamette River, enjoy sailing the Fern Ridge Reservoir, cycle, or hike up Mount Pisgah to admire the wildflowers and other foliage. Hostels, hotels, campgrounds, and vacation rentals are available for overnight stays.

Las Cruces, New Mexico – Is ideal if you’re looking for a desert esca; with the majestic Organ Mountains to the east and the mighty Rio Grande to the west, Las Cruces could be a possible spring break choice. The area is home to New Mexico State University, plus beautiful art galleries, informative museums, a lively theater scene, and miles of desert terrain. Enjoy clear blue skies perfect for a hike in a state or nature park. At the same time, Old Messial Village should also be on the itinerary. It’s home to La Posta Restaurant, which has earned 4-stars on Trip Advisor, and The Fountain Theater and San Albinos Catholic Church are great travel options.

Redding, California – Yes, you’ll be skipping the big cities of San Fransico, Los Angeles, and San Diego -and opt instead for a small town with an Outside Magazine vibe. Please put on your hiking shoes, as the area boasts over 200 miles of trails within a 15-mile radius. A quick car ride from Redding is Whiskeytown National Recreation Area, complete with waterfalls, sandy beaches, and flush with trails. An hour from Redding, Lassen Volcanic National Park is similar to Yellowstone without crowds. The Park offers geothermal features, steam vents, mud pots, hot springs, four types of volcanoes (shield, plug dome, cinder cone, and composite), and naturally occurring lakes. Let’s not forget the super cute downtown area with historical theatres, live music, sumptuous eateries, bars, and taprooms to wrap up the day.

Anywhere in the U.S.

My last pick for introverts’ top 10 spring break getaways is a staycation. If you don’t have the energy to get into a car, a plane, or a train, stay home and explore your own backyard. I’m sure there’s a museum you’ve been dying to explore, or you may even spend the day at a local bookstore, at a theater, or chill’ in at a local spa. Whatever you do, power off the electronics and remind yourself this is a vacation. Dedicate plenty of ‘M.E.’ time!

Top 10 Spring Break Getaways for Introverts

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