16 Remarkable Ways Travel Awakens Your Personality

Sixteen remarkable ways travel awakens your personality—a look at each type and how travel can bring about self-awareness while tapping into the true Self.

What if travel acts as a reflection of your personality, your personal reality, while on vacation? Have you ever had a travel moment that took your breath away? Maybe the sheer beauty of a place, a delightful surprise, or an unfolding guided you to a magical experience. What if your true Self holds all of these same possibilities?

What if, before you even do a Google search, you set a travel intention to schedule moments of stillness? I believe moments of stillness ground you in the present, helping you become more self-aware. Stillness moments help you reconnect with your soul center to bring peace.

At some point, all the horizontal trips in the world stop compensating for the need to go deep into somewhere challenging and unexpected; movement makes the most sense when grounded in stillness.

Pico Iyer, author, The Art of Stillness Adventures in Going Nowhere

Do Today’s Persistent Marketing Messages Make you Feel You’re Not Doing Enough

“24 Hours in Name a City.”

“Best Girlfriend Getaways to Shop Till You Drop.”

“100 Food To Try While In…”

Are you kidding me? I’m exhausted just reading these headlines. And I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to shop till I drop — Ewww. Today’s endless marketing messages often stir feelings of not doing enough, which makes some of us feel bad.

Travel conditioning is a thing. We are led to believe by tourism agencies, journalists, product advertisers, influencers, and bloggers to visit the destination de jour. Don’t be fooled by this because it’s really about making money. Nope, it’s not about you. ☹️ These travel industry professionals, I was one of them, doing a job to sell an agenda to encourage unbridled consumerism.

How many of us have gotten so caught up in the marketing hype that we return home exhausted? We don’t feel rejuvenated? Why? Because we bought into the publicity. Some of us have even gained weight or racked up huge credit card bills — to do it all. That, my friend, is a vanity vacation. We got so busy in the doingness we missed the best part of travel — moments of stillness that bring us back to ourselves!

If you buy into the media hype, thinking externally, you’ll let the industry folks author your travel experiences. Why not go within and ask your soul to help you map out the trip of your dreams? Tip: Know your spiritual personality type to book your ideal vacation, then, go ahead and review articles, etc., to get additional details.

Get the Cliff Notes: 16 Remarkable Ways Travel Awakens Your Personality

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Why Travel?

I believe travel to be one of the best ways to begin exploring spiritual personality typing. A new personality paradigm to liberate the mind, free the soul, and brings you back to your true Self. It’s a new typology leveraging the ancient Greek philosophy of uniting the rational mind with the spiritual mind ⏤ uber relevant for these changing times.

Why travel? Because you’re not in your daily routine. You’re exposed to a new culture and are likely to take a few risks. Ahh, travel is a time to observe and look at yourself from a detached viewpoint. When you set focused intentions to observe yourself and witness the fears that hold you back, something awakens within you. Most likely, it’s decades of conditioning promoted by society, religion, education – well, the systems of the world, including parental conditioning. UGH! Please note; external conditioning influences your traits!

It’s also about examining your personality type traits. Traits indicate patterns of behaviors and characteristics, plus they suggest how you show up in the world. If you’re stuck in life, it’s typically related to an unhealthy personality trait or two. Click below if you’d like to learn how your personality type shows up on vacation.

Intentional Travel Awakens You To Your Personality

Have you ever visited a place and had an experience where you sat back and observed without any preconceived ideas? No one knew you. You had nothing to prove and didn’t need to be or do anything but be an observer—a traveler who is consciously aware and rooted in the present moment. Being in the moment unshackles you from the grip of societal conditioning. You’ve left behind the conditioned “rational” self, and you can, with practice, operate from your spiritual mind — in a free flow of being YOU. Ahh, you’re becoming a soulful traveler!

You’ve found lightness in your heart, an ease in your step, plus a heightened sense of the world around you. Everything has great clarity, as you’ve become a silent observer (your soul) witnessing its rational self; your personality in action. You feel so connected to yourself in these moments that it’s electrifying. These moments in time give you a sneak peek into your true self, your truth  — ignited by Divine Intelligence. The world’s beauty, magic, and joy now act as a mirror, touching you profoundly while inspiring you to take inspired actions.

If I ever go looking for my heart’s desire again, I won’t look any further than your own backyard. Because it if isn’t there, I never really lost it, to begin with.

Dorthy, The Wizard of Oz

16 Remarkable Ways Travel Awakens You to Your Personality

My wish for you is to avoid the conditioned world of travel –– to step away from what’s expected or what the media, a parent, or a friend tells you to do. I believe what’s most important is for you to experience your personality –– your personal reality, in expanded, soulful ways. It’s a beautiful travel gift beyond anything in the material world. And do you really need another tchotchke? I don’t know about you, but I’d rather return home more enlightened than with a suitcase full of stuff.

16 Ways Travel Awakens Your Personality Type

Listed below are the 16 personality types and the unique ways your personality type can awaken on your next vacation. Please realize the ideas and thoughts are expressed through my human lens with its faults and weaknesses. Yet I’ve endeavored to express this information from my highest truth, direct from cosmic consciousness, so I believe it to be genuine.

I’m an ENTP, the Inquisitive traveler who’s passionate about integrating your fabulous personality (physical aspects of you) with the nonpyschial (unseen spiritual aspects of your eternal –– your knowing soul). Enjoy learning more about your fabulous travel personality type. alt" Nina Zapala Spiritual Personality Logo"

The SP’s

Spirited Types; (ESTP) Bold adventurists. These travelers relish sensation-seeking vacations to explore and learn more about themselves through new and exciting experiences.

Active Types; (ISTP)  Adventures of any kind await these travelers as they thrive on action, which stimulates their senses, drives their behaviors, and uplifts their souls.

Playful Types; (ESFP) These travelers say yes to it all and are happiest leading their travel mates on new adventures. It makes their personality come alive, and it stimulates the soul.

Abstract Types; (ISFP) You’ll often find these travelers with an animal in tow, along with family and friends. They are highly creative and spiritual and love the individual freedom travel brings; it’s what makes their persona tick. Abstract types find travel to be a time to nourish their souls.

The SJ’s

Grounded Types; (ESTJ). Grounded types are take-charge travelers. They live in the moment, embrace traditional escapes, and enjoy the finest resorts and restaurants the destination offers. Five-star stays reflect a hard work ethic, a personification of their type.

Reliable Types; (ISTJ) Reliable travelers are the poster child for slow travel. They won’t want to miss a moment, so don’t rush them. It will stress them out. For these travelers being in the moment is a characteristic of their type.

Harmonious Types; (ESFJ) Harmonious types have an uncanny way of connecting and reassuring everyone things will be fine. It’s one of their many gifts, driving their persona and heightening soul desires.

Kindly Types; (ISFJ) These beautiful souls are beacons of kindness. And they bring this aspect of themselves to the world, no matter the destination. Kindness is characteristic of their persona, a gift they share readily.

We initially travel to lose ourselves; we travel next to find ourselves

Pico Iyer; essayist, and novelist.

The NF’s

Magnetic Types; (ENFJ) These types want to learn everything about a place, its people, and its culture. It’s how they show up, excited and inquisitive, which ignites their soul.

Insightful Types; (INFJ) Highly intuitive on the road and in life. Insightful types easily assist other vacationers as they instinctually know and do what’s right — it’s literally programmed into their traits. Their overtures of kindness don’t go unnoticed by others while filling their souls.

Versatile Types; (ENFP) Are socially sophisticated who relish good conversations and see possibilities in people, no matter where they travel. Their desire for immersive activities is indicative of their persona, and it’s where their joy flows.

Seeker Types; (INFP) Seeker types search for beauty wherever they go. It brings them closer to the interconnectivity of all their IS, which is highly predictive for these types. They may wander around cityscapes marveling at the architecture or navigate the majesty of a redwood forest. All of it awakens the Divine spark within.

The NT’s

Inquisitive Types; (ENTP) Excited and inquisitive. These types want to learn everything about a place, its people, and its culture. It’s how they show up. It ignites their soul.

Impartial Types: (INTP) Travel for Autonomous types can be educational and investigative. Especially when peppered with intense discussions which offer new ways to understand the world, which is predictive of their type.

Assured Types; (ENTJ) These take-charge travelers won’t be happy unless they’ve solved a vacation hiccup. It’s innate to their persona and feeds their soul.

Inventive Types; (INTJ) They’re likely to come up with a better idea for an itinerary. Organizing a day trip or designing a long-haul trip is so indicative of their persona. They see the unexpected and will adjust or refresh a trip accordingly; it’s their genius and soul-driven.

Remember how excited you are to wake up and experience a new vacation day? I want you to imbed this feeling and unpack it every day of your life.

Remember how excited you are to wake up and experience a new vacation day? I want you to imbed this feeling and unpack it every day of your life.

Nina Zapala

Recap: 16 Remarkable Ways Travel Awakens Your Personality Type

So dear readers, let’s reinvent travel not as a to-do list activity but as a time of great awareness. Who says we can’t welcome transformation and personality development while taking in the beauty of life? May your travels become a time of revisioning yourself anew while embracing the challenges ahead.

A Quick Recap:

– Travel can become a mirror of your personality type unencumbered by societal conditioning,

– Moments of stillness while on vacation can bring clarity and awareness,

– Embracing Divine intelligence in these moments of stillness bring about joy, peace, and the raw beauty of the area – awakening you to the unseen place within – eternal you,

– A revealing look-see at each of the 16 personality types and how each persona shows up on vacation,

– I hope travel becomes a time of reseeing yourself anew, and you use both challenge and opportunity as signals for self-expansion.

Ready to Release Struggle? 

Are you experiencing a divorce, a career change, or an empty nest season? These are times when critical decision-making skills are needed. It’s not the time to rely on another’s opinion as they become the author of your impending new life. 

More About a Relevant New Way to Engage Your Beautiful Personality Type?

Did you find; 16 Remarkable Ways Travel Awakens Your Personality Type to be eye-opening? I’m here to share a new philosophy, spiritual personality typing. I want to get you excited about personality typing and see it as a beautiful tool that supports your sacred soul’s journey. Your persona has defined traits supporting your soul’s purpose; it’s how the soul expresses itself in your reality. Remember, you are not your personality type. You are an eternal being; with unlimited potential and creativity: a beautiful soul connected to the Source of boundless love!

Make understanding your personality type a priority. It’s the best relationship you can cultivate in this lifetime.

You’ve got to do the work, take action and become responsible for your life choices. Once you make personality typing with a spiritual understanding a daily ceremony, you’ll begin to reap the rewards. You’ll realize the only way for your soul self to express itself is through a healthy persona. Know that your soul can only express itself through your personality, the physical you, your personal reality.

Spiritual personality typing encourages profound awakenings. It moves you closer to your truth, unshackling you from a purposeless existence into a new reality of unlimited possibilities. You’ll be ready for any occasion, situation, or event – travel, relationships, career, and most importantly, a life you were meant to live.

I know this to be true because this is precisely how it works in my life.

Note: I’m a certified Myers-Briggs® instructor with an intuitive side and ready to introduce you to a new paradigm in personality typing supported by a spiritual understanding.

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